To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

I think you might be interested in the book "How America Faked the Moon Landings" by Charles Hawkins.

(I recently purchased a copy for myself)

- Scott Wenger

Greetings Scott,

Yes, I would be interested in that book and perhaps I'll order a copy (and add it to my tall stack of yet unread books which require a new bookcase to hold them). In the meantime, feel free to send along your own thoughts on the book to share with Orwell Today readers.

On a "remainders table" last week I bought a book entitled "Rocket Dreams" by Marina Benjamin which asks the question "Whatever happend to the Technicolor dreams of the Space Age?". I notice it has a chapter entitled "One Small Step" which begins:

"I am surely not alone in wondering from time to time what became of the Apollo astronauts. At the end of the sixties they were among the most famous people on Earth, supercelebrities who shook hands with religious leaders and stood shoulder to shoulder beside heads of state. Their pictures were plastered all over the place, and to space enthusiasts far and wide their every word seemed to carry a mysterious import...Then suddenly, the astronauts disappeared...."

The names of the other chapters are: "The Sky's the Limit...Forever Roswell...Space for Rent...Aliens on Your Desktop...Ground Control to Major Tom".

Needless to say that book is ALSO on my pile of yet unread books which WILL be read when its turn comes.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


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