This letter from a reader explains the scandal of the corporate collapses that are occurring almost daily, and taking the savings of average investers with them:

I've been looking at your site for a couple of weeks now and I admire it greatly. I am just writing to tell you some things that I didn't see that I think you could write about.

First is the systematic doping of children who express excessive emotion. Labelled ADHD, ADD, etc. these kids are being fed drugs to make them emotionless zombies...

Secondly is how the U.S. Govmt. systematically ripped off the people and the corporations in one fell swoop with the corporate scandal bullshit.First our govmt let the corp. run wild with their books in the 90s because essentially they, the corp., legally bribed the govmt. through campain finance. So throughout the 90s the economy was good and it was suggested that workers invest in 401 k programs. Why? Because the corp wanted to get more money into the stockmarket to essentially make more money. Well when the market busted, insiders and the govmt. knew it was coming. All the average Joes lost their investments because they didn't pull out early because they didn't have insider info like the major investors. So now the govmt. comes along and pops the corps. for insider trading and mishandling of books and fines said corps. a shitload of cash essentially taking the stolen money. I can assure you that the fines paid by corp. will not go back into the community. It will, just like when you pay a traffic ticket, get put into the executive law enforcement branch. It breaks down like this: The Govmt let the corps. essentially steal money from the working class through 401 k then busted said corp. for the stolen money. The govmt. will not give the money back to the people who got swindled but instead put it into further law enforcement.

...just some stuff maybe for you to elaborate on or investigate.

Thank you,

p.s. my fav. quote from 1984:

"Life, if you looked about you, bore no resemblance not only to the lies that streamed out of the telescreens, but even to the ideals that the Party was trying to achieve. Great areas of it, even for a Party member, were neutral and nonpolitical, a matter of slogging through dreary jobs, fighting for a place on the Tube, darning a worn-out sock, cadging a saccharine tablet, saving a ciggarette end. The ideal set up by the Partywas something huge, terrible, and glittering- a world of steel and concrete, of monsterous machines and terrifing weapons-a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans, perpetually working, fighting, triumphing, persecuting- three hundred million people all with the same face. The reality was the decaying, dingy cities, where underfed people shuffled to and fro in leaky shoes, in patched-up nineteenth-century houses that smelt always of cabbage and bad lavatories"

My answer:

Thanks for your suggestions, Luke, but instead of my writing an explanation I'm putting YOURS up on the site. I agree I should have a section on the horrendous practice of doping kids (and adults as well for that matter). At the moment I've got it under DRUG WAR & PEACE.

Orwell said that "one of the two aims of the Party was to 'extinguish once and for all the possibility of independent thought'... and that therefore one of the problems the Party is concerned to solve is 'how to discover, against his will, what another human being is thinking'."

That, no doubt, explains what's behind all the psychiatric interference we're seeing these days. It's definitely time for EVERYONE to "just say NO to drugs" before they're too tranquillized to care.

...I like your favourite quote.

~ Jackie

NOTE TO READERS: I have since taken Luke's advice and created a section addressing the monetary issues of the world. Go to GREENSPAN FROM JEKYLL ISLAND

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~