To Orwell Today,

I love you.

Who knows what year it is. 1939? 1945?

Jackie Jura, I'm Cruikshank. Basically an ageless spirit forcing life into a 37-year-old white male. I'm not a writer. It's impossible to really write and to truthfully write with no regrets, no fear.

I joined an online writers' group last year, but everyone was writing murder intrigues and dashing courtroom dramas. Nobody wrote about personal pain or tried to further understanding of any kind.

Anyway, it's a short life/death.

I thought about passing out copies of Orwell's "Why I Write" in downtown Chicago, but it would affect my job and my reputation. I think Orwell is extremely important and wonder why he isn't mentioned more these days.

I'll have to devote much more time to reading your stuff, but I'm happy to have found it. Keep it up.

Hooray! Victory!


Greetings Cruikshank,

I love your Orwellian introduction - quite hilarious - like the scrap of paper Winston found in 1984 - when he was a 39-year-old white male.

Glad to have you as a reader and hope you keep on writing.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

26.Julia & Rebellion and 1.Winston's Diary and WHY ORWELL WROTE 1984

Jackie Jura
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