Comments from a reader in England:

Dear All,

More frightening than 1984 are two books by Wilfred Greatorex entitled "1990".

Unfortunately it is out of print but can be bought on the secondhand market.

The BBC serialised it in the late seventies and I can tell you that it has given me nightmares for 25 years, because I saw it as prophetic.

Since then it has started to come true and even more so now that the "New" Labour Blair government has power. Worse, we have a home secretary in David Blunkett who is particularly fond of stealing our freedom, privacy and liberty, "in the public interest".

You know that a Country is in trouble when a functionary such as Blunkett states baldly on US TV that "civil liberties are secondary to national security". As a Conservative in England, I always took the contrary view.

Get and read those books, it's happening all over the "free" world, NOW.


Jeremy (London)