To Orwell Today,

Dear Jura,

I have been checking your website but it comes to ask myself if you are a credible researcher? I guess you just use your own feelings to jugde things or write stories!!! I wonder how many people you have drived to the wrong side of the world. My suggestion is to contact other researchers, students and discuss some issues like the one with Rwanda. I am sure that you have drived by some stories teller or politics! I don't beleive that you are independent as you are saying!

You are wrong about Kagame and you will find out later that you were! You just need time. I just hope that the day you will find out that you were wrong about him, you will be able write it in ur web and admit your mistake!

May god be with you and help you to understand more about your job.

Happy new year,
Kabare Kaguyu

Greetings Kabare,

Your email sounds like one I received a year ago from Nihao who also accused me of driving many people wrong about Kagame and Rwanda. You should go and read it because my answer to you will be the same, except the part where I said I hadn't been to Africa because last summer I did travel to Rwanda.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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