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To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

I was looking for some info on JFK since I have never believed that he was a womanizer and had this supposed affair with M. Monroe and stumbled across Orwell and read your blog and you gave some different books to reference.

Which book do you think would be the most influential in convincing people to the lies?

Just a comment. Back in the early 80ís I was watching a documentary that was proving that there had been absolutely no evidence that JFK ever had an affair with any women let alone ever slept with anyone outside of his wife. They interviewed a former girlfriend from college who said he was nothing but a perfect gentlemen all through their courting and they went on to say with his friends that they had the highest respect for him as an individual.

They also mentioned something that was key, they said that since the brothers (JFK and Bobby) had been closing down mafia rings and sending a lot of people to prison, they said the mafia "vowed to ruin their reputations" for this.

Now we are learning that much of the evidence is showing that the mafia may have been involved with LHO who shot the president. His sister worked as a dancer in a bar owned by the mafia, if I have that right?

I canít find that documentary anywhere but they showed that there was some tapings of Bobby talking but they also said it could have been anyone interpreting his voice also. hmmmm

I sincerely appreciate that there are people who donít believe all these lies and I have always stood my ground with this but you were right, people look at me like Iím the only one alive who feels this way and I must be from another planet. Even people I respect, like Michael Medved, who had a guest on his radio show not too long ago who claimed to have all this evidence but the people who claimed they saw all of this were now dead. Isnít that interesting. I wanted to call but couldnít get through. Anyone who did stand up for JFK were not too impressive and were made to look like they didnít know much, which led the average person to believe this fraud.

Best regards,
Rose Vlcek

Greetings Rose,

I love the Abraham Lincoln adage: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".

It's always great to hear from some of the people who can't be fooled about JFK.

The whole "JFK as a womanizer" thing is a fabricated story -- character assassination -- that the powers-that-be who own the media, the Orwellian Ministry of Truth (Lies), started pushing in the early 70s, as explained in the following article that includes interviews with women JFK dated before he was married, attesting to his non-womanizing behaviour:

The Posthumous Assassination of JFK Part II (Sy Hersh and the Monroe/JFK Papers: The History of a Thirty-Year Hoax), by James DiEugenio, Probe Magazine, 1996

To clear up your confusion regarding Lee Harvey Oswald -- whom you mistakenly say shot JFK and was a member of the Mafia -- I recommend you watch the 1973 movie EXECUTIVE ACTION, starring Burt Lancaster. See JFK EXEC ACTION FILM DEBUT

LHO he had no knowledge or involvement in the assassination of JFK. LHO was an innocent "patsy" who the powers-that-be "framed" to be in the right place at the right time -- ie working in the TSBD building in the weeks leading up to D-Day (death to JFK day).

You're right, though, that the Mafia hated JFK and Bobby -- as did the FBI, CIA and other arms of the powers-that-be, including members of the USA government -- but the Mafia didn't mastermind the assassination. The Mafia merely played a role through their guy -- Jacob Rubenstein, aka Jack Ruby, owner of a strip club -- who shot LHO. And, obviously, the Mafia had connections to the Dallas Police, Sherrif and Justice Deparments thus enabling Ruby to be in the right place at the right time to "hit" LHO.

The actual masterminds of JFK's assassination were Big Brother's Brotherhood as described by Orwell in "1984" and by JFK himself in a speech not long before his death. See JFK SPEECH OPPOSING SECRET SOCIETIES.

All the best,
Jackie Jura




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