To Orwell Today,

Thanks for your reference to JFK, one of the greatest presidents of all time. I read somewhere, on someone's website, that he said, in paraphrase, "The high office of president is being used to limit the freedoms of the American people, and before I leave office I must warn the citizens of this plight". Ten days later he was assassinated.

Can you tell me where I can find that speech? It was supposed to be at Columbia University on November 12, 1963. Thanks so much for your help.

Ken Winn

Greetings Ken,

Great to hear from another JFK admirer!

I'm not aware of the quote you are referring to and it isn't in a book of JFK's speeches (incomplete) that I own, but if I come across it, or a reader emails, I'll post it.

JFK's main focus in his speeches in November of 1963 was to emphasize the amazing social and economic accomplishments of his administration over the past three years and to stress the importance of his proposed $11-billion tax cut to get more people working and sharing in the new prosperity based on peace.

If JFK had been allowed to live and his policies put into practice the United States would have been a shining example for the rest of the world to aspire to. Instead, after his death, the USA went back to basing its economy on profits for the few and war for the many, which has continued to this day.

For your interest, and the interest of others, I've copied an excerpt of the speech JFK made seven days before his death explaining "the work done and the work still to do". See JFK'S RIGHT-TO-WORK SPEECH.

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Jackie Jura

UPDATE: JFK OPPOSED MONOLITHIC CONSPIRACY (...The speech you may be referring to is the SECRET SOCIETY speech JFK gave on April 27, 1961 to the Association of Newspaper Publishers requesting their help in informing and alerting the American people to "the deadly dangerous threat confronting every sphere of human activity"....)

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