As I've tried to explain in interviews and articles over the years --
so they tell the sheeple what they want the sheeple to believe and think
'cus they know that that's where MOST people
get their information, education and philosophy,
ie from THE BOOB TUBE --
they suck off it like infants.


They said Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK
and JFK screwed Marilyn Monroe
and that's all you dumb asses
need to know.

To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

We watch the CBC News Channel specially at bedtime to catch up on what's ahappenin around the world.

A few days ago, just before Peter Mansbridge ten o'clock broadcast, CBC advertised a special to be aired this Sunday covering the JFK years -- we tuned in just too late to get details and haven't heard about it again -- it spiked our interest as we were sure you would want to know about it.

With your 'dot comming skills' you can probably find out all about it.


Greetings Steve,

I looked up in the TV guide and yes, there's another JFK hit piece on TV tonight -- ie THE KENNEDY SAGA -- on the tax-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation -- ie THE PASSIONATE EYE (their so-called 'documentary' program hoping to capture the 'intellectual' audience).


Orwell called the garbage they feed to the masses "prolefeed"... full of nothing but sex and violence... and lies of course, nothing but a pack of lies, lies, lies threaded in with the truth so as to trick the unthinking into thinking the whole thing's the truth n nuttin but de truth... so help me god... yes, please help me God....

Anyhoo, I've seen this particular hideous production before... or part of it anyway... although I can never stomach watching the whole thing... it's the usual JFK and sex-sex-sex-sex... cus they LOVE to talk about sex and especially sex with JFK.

As I've tried to explain in interviews and articles over the years... THE PEOPLE WHO KILLED KENNEDY OWN THE MEDIA... so they tell the sheeple what they want the sheeple to believe and think cus they know that that's where MOST people get their information, education and philosophy, ie from THE BOOB TUBE... they suck off it like infants.

They said Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and JFK screwed Marilyn Monroe and that's all you dumb asses need to know.

Every time there's a JFK or Kennedy PROGRAM on TV it hits more and more people -- so that's why they replay them endlessly over the years, ie to catch a NEW generation of Americans born in this century... ie the boomers' boomers' boomers.

It all just causes more work for me trying to DE-PROGRAM anyone I ever get into a JFK conversation with because they HIT me with what they saw on TV and they tell me I don't know nuttin...

It takes a way more effort to DE-program someone than PROGRAM them.

Have a great Sunday.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Connecticut Man Aided JFK in PT-109 Incident 70 Years Ago, by Corey Fyke, Aug 19, 2013
Hall of Fame swim coach Jim Farrar taught survival swimming to John F. Kennedy before the future president shipped out to war...Those survival skills undoubtedly came in handy on the moonless evening at 2:30 a.m. near the Solomon Islands when the Japanese destroyer Amigiri cut Kennedy's PT boat in half. Responding to the challenge posed by the incident, Lt. Kennedy directed the 10 other survivors on how to save themselves. He towed one of his crewmen, badly burned Patrick McMahon, to safety by clenching a strap in his teeth while he swam. He proceeded to swim with them for 4 miles to Plum Pudding Island, where they rested and found sustenance. Kennedy had to swim again to two other islands. Eventually, he contacted two native islanders who transported an emergency message carved on a coconut. That message led to their rescue. JFK kept that coconut on his desk in the Oval Office throughout his presidency. The story of PT-109 and Kennedy's truly heroic and courageous actions in saving his crew has been largely forgotten over the years, as the president's controversial assassination in 1963 and his alleged  affairs with other women have dominated the publicity on his life in recent years. It should not be forgotten, however, that Lt. Kennedy showed great courage and judgment in guiding his crew to safety under very dangerous circumstances. Let's not forget that JFK also got an assist from a future Hall of Fame swim coach from Connecticut named Jim Farrar.

The Kennedy Saga, CBC, Aug 18, 2013
The Kennedys. They embodied hope and leadership for North America and the world for decades. Now, in this new film, breathtaking colour home movies weave a unique memoir with an edge. The Kennedy Saga is told from the point of view of the nannies who cared for the privileged Kennedy children. Burdened with their parents' legacy and the expectations that came with bearing the Kennedy name, the children also witnessed the assassination of both President John F. Kennedy, and just a few years later, his brother Bobby. As the years passed, they came to know all the intoxication of the rich-kid lifestyle, but they also learned of the infidelities of their elders, of all the President's secret love affairs, and of the threats that hung over their family. Veteran French filmmaker Patrick Jeudy (Marilyn: The Last Sessions and Grace Kelly: Destiny of a Princess) is known for going behind the facades of giants to portray intimate and private troubles. The voice in The Kennedy Saga, carefully scripted by Jeudy collaborator Gerard Miller, is a composite 'nanny' character based on domestic staff who recalled the family in their memoirs. The film looks into every corner of the Kennedys’ privileged childhoods and shattered destinies and, through both official footage and intimate home movies, reveals the complex personalities of the Kennedy clan. The Kennedy Saga is a family portrait which may be nostalgic – but pulls no punches.

Turn the boob tube off, we dare you, by Ned Valentine, The Clay Center Dispatch, Aug 2, 2013
I always assumed people in high places in the television industry were highly paid for having a lot of fun. Then it was revealed that CBS Corporation President Les Moonves watches every episode of Big Brother. So obviously, whatever he makes isn’t enough -- even when his wife is being paid as a host on the show. Shows like Big Brother are why God gave us the remote. The remote can take you away from one channel to escape to any one of 60 or 100 other stupefying or grotesquely disgusting channels instantly -- something one needs to do frequently. But even the remote is losing it’s ability to fish out anything of quality on television. You can jump around from channel to channel and be bored or disgusted within as short a time as six one-hundredths of a second. This I know: Even with three 40-button remotes, there is no escape. News shows without news. Sitcoms without comedy. Reality shows with contrived reality. The only thing that appears remotely real is the cadaver dismemberment and disembowelments on the many after-supper crime scene investigation shows. Uncle Nielsen says we watch 34 hours of this stuff a week, those of us over two years of age anyway. Let’s see, that would have to include about 10 hours of commercials. Then we spend another three to six hours a week watching recorded programming on DVRs and five hours a week trolling the internet. The time left is spent texting, eating, Facebooking, drinking, sleeping, using the bathroom and complaining we don’t have time to get things done.... In the meantime, maybe someone will figure a way to have a reality show that truly reflects real reality -- a family sitting around watching upward of 40 hours of television a week.

JFK's Women: Scandals Revealed (Passionate Eye documentary), CBC News Network, Nov 18, 2012
An explosive biography that reveals the real John Fitzgerald Kennedy – a President who was prepared to risk his political career and, at the height of the cold war, his country's security in return for sex. In a terrible irony, as the American Press finally braced itself to reveal the story, the Kennedy assassination in Dallas in November 1963 took his life but saved his reputation. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is still regarded as the most charismatic US President, an icon of modernity cut down in his prime. But the true story of JFK has never been revealed.

JFK's Women focuses on his relationships with four 'dangerous' women during his Presidency – Marilyn Monroe, Ellen Rometsch, Mariella Novotny and Judith Campbell. All four were seen as security risks by the FBI, three because of alleged Communist connections, and one because of her close links to senior Mafia bosses.

The film shows how JFK grew up in a liberal Boston family in which the men were expected to have mistresses. During the war he had a relationship with a Danish journalist, Inge Arvad, who was suspected of having Nazi connections. He was warned to stop the affair, but he persisted. FBI director J Edgar Hoover kept tape recordings of JFK’s love-making to Arvad. It was the beginning of a lifelong tension between the two men. During his campaign for Presidency in early 1960 Kennedy began a relationship with a young divorcee, Judith Exner Campbell. Campbell was an intimate of some of America’s powerful Mafia bosses. The film reveals evidence that eye-witnesses believed the meeting between Campbell and Kennedy was engineered by the Mafia, as a way of gaining influence over a potential future President. Using new documentary evidence and recently-released FBI files, the film goes on to demolish the hagiographic myth of JFK and Camelot that still persists over 40 years after his death. Even by 1963 JFK continued to be reckless in his personal life. His belief that he was untouchable, despite his blatant and extreme womanising, threatened to lead to his political downfall.

By the autumn of 1963 the American press was on the brink of exposing JFK. In Britain earlier that summer a sex and spying scandal caused the resignation of John Profumo, British Minister for War. One of the women involved in the Profumo scandal, Mariella Novotny, claimed to have had a relationship with JFK. She had also been sleeping with the Soviet naval attaché linked to the Profumo scandal. An American newspaper picked up the story and published an article with coded references to the President, suggesting he was involved in a vice scandal. The Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, had to intervene to stop the paper publishing any more details.

Interviewees include Bobby Baker, senior political secretary to the Senate in the Kennedy years, Cartha DeLoach, former deputy director of the FBI, and Professor Robert Blakey, former prosecutor in the Kennedy Justice department. Authors Anthony Summers and Stephen Dorrill, who have access to FBI files confirming the security fears about Kennedy's women, are also interviewed.

GULLIVER DESCRIBES PROSTITUTE WRITERS (Innocent and excellent persons had been condemned to death or banishment. Villains had been exalted to the highest places of trust, power, dignity, and profit....The world had been misled by prostitute writers.

Ministry of Truth & 25.Prolefeed


Jackie Jura
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