High Treason

To Orwell Today,

I was wondering whether you've read the book "High Treason" by Robert J. Groden and Harrison Edward Livingstone. Groden is also the author of "JFK: The Case for Conspiracy". It provides a great deal of very well-researched details of the assassination and why it points to a conspiracy, looking at all aspects of it, from the physical murder evidence to the testimony about and evidence of alleged plots to the prevalence of a "Secret Team" within the establishment. It also addresses the conflicts Kennedy had, especially with the CIA, over actions that would put America into the hands of these secret government powers. The quantities of information and the connections that are made are as engaging as Oliver Stone's film, except that here, it is accurate. For people who want a very in-depth and meticulously detailed analysis, I think it would highly benefit your admirable collection of good JFK books.

-Jayne Kirk

Greetings Jayne,

Yes, I've read HIGH TREASON, which came out in 1989, and have it in my library in paperback. It definitely contributes many pieces to the JFK assassination puzzle and is a must-read for conspiracy theory buffs. My copy includes an article by Col Fletcher Prouty, author of another must-read book: THE SECRET TEAM: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World which can be found on-line in its entirety.

I don't think I've read that other Groden book you mention but I have read Groden's photographic book THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT.

As in all books so far, there's info and disinfo, but if a person reads enough they can find all the pieces and finish the puzzle.

One day I'll make a list of books on the assassination that I've read and recommend (including perhaps some I've read and DON'T recommend).

All the best,
Jackie Jura


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