To Orwell Today,

One of the people seen just behind LBJ's murdering right hand is Dallas Police Chief, Jesse Curry. Curry (now also dead, unfortunately) said before he died that NO-BODY..... had EVER..... been able to place Lee Harvey Oswald up in that Sixth Floor window, with a Rifle in his hand, that day.

JFK Bible

The guy crouched down, to the left of the guy with the bow-tie is Jack Valenti, an LBJ aide. The Woman who did the Oath giving was Federal Judge Sarah T. Hughes. I heard later that Sarah cried throughout the ceremony. I don't doubt it, as many people cried that day, or in subsequent days. Had Sarah known then, what many of us know now....(but not all of us) she would have cried all the harder.

According to Texas Author Jim Marrs, (with whom I had supper one night with him and his wife), you see all those people around LBJ and Jackie? THIS scene was in the FRONT of Air Force One. While the Swearing In was going on, THAT......(according to Marrs) was when the wounds to Kennedy's still warm body, were being altered by shady Government types, in the REAR of the plane.

And we talk about Russia?????

-Bill Urban

Greetings Bill,

Thanks for identifying some of the people witnessing LBJ's swearing in there on Air Force One - the plane JFK flew into Dallas on, and LBJ flew out on. LBJ's plane, Air Force Two, was where he still belonged, as JFK had not yet 'left the building'. He was lying in a coffin in the little room at the back door of Air Force One. And JFK and Jackie's bedroom on Air Force One still contained their luggage and personal belongings - including JFK's bible on the bedside table. JFK HOLDING BIBLE

But while Jackie was still in Parkland Hospital, overseeing the failed attempts by the doctors to save JFK's life and the subsequent placing of JFK into the coffin, LBJ was setting himself up in Air Force One - even to the point of going into JFK and Jackie's bedroom and making himself at home. He was in there when Jackie arrived back at Air Force One and, after seeing JFK's coffin brought on board, had opened the door to her bedroom - only to be confronted by LBJ sitting there on JFK's bed.

Below is a diagram of Air Force One showing where the swearing-in took place. It wasn't, as you say, at the front of the plane but was actually in JFK's State Room next to his bedroom:

JFK Plane

Your comment that JFK's body was being altered while at the rear of the plane is ludicrous. At no time was JFK ever alone for a moment after returning to Air Force One in the coffin. His closest aides - and Jackie - were sitting in chairs around him, having an Irish Wake for the entire duration of the flight back to Washington, DC.

No manipulation of JFK's body had happened at Parkland Hospital either. The doctors there did only the procedures necessary to attempt to save his life. After they failed, and pronounced JFK dead, his body was wrapped and placed in a coffin that was sent from a funeral home nearby, and then carried from Parkland Hospital by hearse to Air Force One.

The Parkland doctors then gave a press conference where they described some of JFK's wounds as having come from the front - including the fatal shot which one doctor pointed to his own forehead to show where it entered. I've got a video showing the press conference, live.

The changes that were made to JFK's body occurred AFTER he arrived back in Washington, DC, and had been taken to the military hospital in Bethesda Maryland. There, while Jackie and Bobby and the rest of the Dallas entourage waited in a room in another wing of the hospital, the Bethesda doctors performed the autopsy. That is where JFK's own doctor - the one who had accompanied him to Dallas - witnessed the autopsy. Books and reports have been written regarding the testimonies of the doctors who were there - and there are conflicts in what the official report says and what some of the doctors saw. In other words, JFK's injuries were adjusted to suit the "lone gunman theory" of all bullets (two) coming from the back.

And also, regarding your comment that the judge, Sarah Hughes, cried at the swearing-in, I somehow doubt that. She was an LBJ crony from way back, and she was actually the person responsible for leaving Air Force One with JFK's bible in her hand and handing it to a stranger at the bottom of the stairs who stole away into oblivion. See LBJ SWORE ON JFK'S BIBLE and JFK Bible in LBJ Library.

Her wearing a polka-dot dress has also always amazed me, seeing as how five years later a woman - suspected of being Sirhan's hypnotism trigger - wore a polka-dot dress to Bobby Kennedy's assassination. But that's another story.

But anyway, thanks for putting names to some of the people - ie Police Chief Curry and LBJ's aide, Jack Valenti. It's laughable if Curry was saying on his deathbed that Oswald didn't do it when at the time he was one of the main guys responsible for framing and blaming him. He was up to his eyeballs in JFK's death - his Dallas police force being among the most corrupt in the world.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - You're right when you imply that JFK's assassination made America seem like Russia. The long road to power by the Communists there was built on political assassination. Whenever a good Tsar came to the throne he would be assassinated, up to and including the last Tsar, the one who was killed with his wife and children on orders from Lenin after the Communists seized power in October 1917.


Dear Jackie,
re: The whole world cried over JFK

Ok. I agree with you ref: JFK. We lost a true leader that day. Every bad thing that happened to America following that foul deed, other Political Assassinations, Race Riots, Campus Protests, the Vietnam War, in which 60,000 of my comrades lost their lives (and I almost did) all that came AFTER November 22, 1963. NOT before!!

God help us!
Bill Urban

P.S. In the photo, I said LBJ aide Jack Valenti was to the left of the guy standing with the bow-tie. I meant to the right of him. You can just see Valenti's head as he's crouched down. Of course at the time the photo was in the newspapers world wide, I had NO IDEA what was going on in the rear of the Plane, regarding our President's body. At the time, I, (like New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison) just accepted the newspaper did it, 3 shots all from behind, case closed).

Actually Jackie, it was when I was in the Army, in Germany 3 years later, that I read the book: "Rush To Judgement" by New York Attorney Mark Lane and like Jim Garrison, that was when I began going beyond the newspaper headlines. (Jim Garrison read the same book, about the same time (1966.....when SOME crucial witnesses.....Rose Cheramie, Lee Bowers and other's were having mysterious accident's and ending up dead). Of course Jim Garrison was a District Attorney and had more Power than me, who was just a dumb Soldier. And Garrison pursued it better than I could, but it wasen't long before the Govt. swung into action and neutralized Garrison.....i.e. bugged his office, tapped his phones, placed a spy in his inner circle, etc.

All of that can be read in Garrison's interview with Playboy Magazine in 1967. It was only recently that I realized that while Uncle Lyndon was being sworn in as Prez....getting his hands on all that POWER, that HE rightfully believed belonged to HIM (and had believed so, ever since the West Virginia Primary of 1960).....while that little swearing-in ceremony was being conducted, something a hell of a lot more sinister was being conducted in the rear of the Plane, regarding tampering with Kennedy's head wound.

Pretty damn disgusting. But now you know where your tax dollars go huh Jackie? -Bill

Dear Bill,

Why do you persist in saying JFK's body was tampered with at the back of Air Force One when I have explained to you that it is a ludicrous absurdity. Otherwise, your sentiments and comments are sound.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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