To Orwell Today,


The misnomer is located in the section "JFK'S Castle Was Camelot". My political label of John Kennedy, as you referred to it, was not meant to be so, but rather a counter statement to the misnomer.

If I were asked to give my earnest description of JFK it would be more along the lines of "A Man for all Seasons" - the title of a movie depicting Thomas Moore's conflict with Henry the VIII. This title characterizes someone who courageously stands by his convictions in any season of life. The unceasing targeted maligning of JFK's honor and reputation by political enemies, et al, irrespective of his weaknesses and failings, secures his ownership of this title, and only serves to immortalize his image in the halls of history's courageous.

As for socialism, I think a realistic view of any flavor of human contrived socialism is one of illusion. Utopian Socialism is an elusive butterfly that man will never catch, simply because he seeks to create a working paradise without faith in, and obedience to, the Creator. Most advocates of the socialistic dream have no time for God. If there ever is a new flavor of socialism that includes complete respect for the Almighty - in a genuine biblical way - then it is no longer socialism, as we understand the term, but a Kingdom with a Heavenly King.

The jury is in, and has been in for some time: Mankind is not going to experience full justice and equality until the Creator establishes it. And He has His own time table. Until then various nations will continue to experiment with different forms of government that are intended to create that ideal order only to be disappointed. God in his sublime wisdom made it that way. Humanity is not allowed to have comprehensive peace, prosperity, and happiness in constitutional rule or international brotherhood without Him, regardless of temporary economic boon or bane, or social conditions. And since every kind of human government is going to fall short of perfection and have their own peculiar corruptions, I personally prefer the democratic republic we currently have in the USA, and in my concurrent opinion with others, it is the most balanced and secure of all extant political systems.

I did read the speech JFK gave to the AFL-CIO, and other addresses of John Kennedy to working Americans. I don't see an advocate of any brand of "ism," but a statesman and a spokesman being true to his democratic ideals in submitting a favorable worker's bill to congress for review, calling for tax breaks that would give incentives for business development, encouraging both labor and management to walk the give and take avenue of mutual well-being, and inspiring all Americans to work together for national economic growth.

As for George Orwell, I read the portions of his works that you recommended, and of course Animal Farm was required reading in high school. He has some invaluable insights, and has made a rich contribution to the literary world. That is the only comment I have concerning him at this time. It is my undying contention that we can learn from anyone's creative mind no matter how much we agree or disagree with them.

God Bless,
Patrick Zuniga

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