To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie Jura,

A fundraising to support Kumana's 5 Recommendations was launched on the 21st of October 2013.

During the launching Aaron Kumana signed the 1st appreciation certificate to a USA friend.


For more information visit our webpage about Aaron Kumana's Five Fundraising Recommendations.

Please forward this fundraising information to any 5 persons you know who may have the loving heart to help the only surviving rescuer of the 35th President of USA and the PT 109 crews, Mr Aaron (Eroni) Kumana.


Aaron Kumana will sign an Appreciation Certificate (Common Face) and award it to any person who wish to help support his 5 Recommendations.


God Bless our Days,
Rellysdom Aaron Malakana
(Grandson of Aaron Kumana)

Greetings Mala Rellysdom,

I've been thinking about Aaron Kumana these recent days because the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination is coming up very soon on November 22nd, 2013.

There have been many JFK specials on TV this entire month and often they show the rescue of PT-109 -- and that's when I think about your grandfather who paddled the coconut in 1943. See SOLOMON RESCUER KUMANA HONORS JFK.

I'll share your email about Kumana's fundraising campaign with ORWELL TODAY readers and hopefully it will inspire donations to help make Kumana's projects a reality.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

Thanks very much Jackie Jura for your continuous support of our proposals. I mentioned you to my grandfather and told him that we are all contributing to help out.

Rellysdom A Malakana



To Orwell Today,

We received a condolence message from Caroline and I did the reply.

We are trying to get things together with the entire family. Check out news uploaded to our webpage.

Aaron Kumana Asked His Grandchildren
To Support His Five Recommendations

In the weeks before he died Aaron Kumana asked his grandchildren to financially support his 5 Recommendations.

In a small gathering with his grandchildren during Mother's Day, he said that for almost a decade he has been seeking financial support from overseas but few are generous with donations. He challenged his grandchildren to tolerate his promise to help his community.

Kumana said to his grandchildren that to achieve his promise begins first in his own family. He said things would change miraculously if we give our hearts completely. He continued that things begin with what resources we have and with our enthusiasm we may finally reach our big dreams.

People regard Aaron Kumana as a unique person on the island, and many thought that he must be rewarded and they believe he is a source for improving their community for his well known story of rescuing the future president of USA. His culture believes he is someone very special, and he himself would like to keep alive his spirit by bringing help into the community.

With emotion he said to his grandchildren that he may or may not see the completion of his promise to his community, but strongly affirmed his grandchildren to move forward and be motivated with youth to complete his 5 Recommendations.

But in a private discussion between his sons and daughters, some of his recommendations were excluded by them. But others from Kumana's closest relatives said that it is disrespectful and dishonorable to their tribesman. His grandsons said that they are ready to carry out any possible ways to help support their grandfather's recommendations. An activity plan will be scheduled soon and they are asking their uncles not to do away with some of his recommendations.

One of his grandsons said that the proposed activity will commence with the shrine, which was excluded from the list by their uncles. There will be raising of funds by milling timbers and seaweed farmings, said the grandson.

This mission is urging all uncles and aunties to return all souvenirs and appoint someone in the family to take care of these items. Kumana said that it is your treasure for your generations to come, and this will keep alive his spirit.

A second proposed plan is to house these items in accommodation with the museum, said the grandson. He said that the mission sounds very slow but this is a way forward to carry out their grandfather's 5 recommendations. The grandson who always worked closely with his grandfather said that the proposed plan will be forwarded to the committee that was set up by his uncles and aunties -- that was established on the 10th day after their father's death occasion.

The grandson is urging his uncles to focus and tolerate their father's request for his promise to help his community. Their father said that his promise is the first capacity of his family.

Eroni Kumana's grandson, Rellysdom
dismisses rumours that Kumana's youngest son, J.F. Kennedy
is planning to sell some of his father's belongings to a businessman

Some of Kumana's closest relatives are saying that his son, Kennedy, is ready to hand over these items without informing the entire family members. But some of the grandsons say that their uncle, J.F. Kennedy, once mentioned that these items had been requested by a businessman, but that he had been told by the family not to give them out.

Grandson Rellysdom says that this is not an area the family is looking at. The family had already appointed J.F. Kennedy to take responsibility for looking after their father's gifts to his next generations. But they have not mentioned any ideas about where to house these items and display them to the public.

Rellysdom says that he was notified by his grandfather, Kumana, weeks before he died that he would like to have a museum set up to display these items. But the grandson was disappointed that Kumana's request (one of his 5 recommendation) has been excluded by Kumana's own sons during their private discussion. But the grandson said that he will continue to carry out his grandfather's request and ask his uncles to come up with the idea to house these items.

Rellysdom clarifies that these items were the gifts and rewards Eroni Kumana received from overseas, including the head statue of late president J F Kennedy which is the gift from the Kennedy family. The items are belongings Kumana left for his descendents. He said "These are your treasures for generations to come."

Malakan Rellysdom blog (grandson of Eroni Kumana)






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