To Orwell Today,


I wanted to share an original poem. I hope you like it.

I was visiting the local movie rental place on Seneca Street in South Buffalo on or about November 1st, 1995. The person working asked me if I could write a tribute to JFK (she knew I wrote songs & poems). I said "I'm sure I could. Why?"

She said she did A TRIBUTE TO JFK EVERY YEAR ON NOVEMBER 22ND. It was about 10 minutes of 10 o/clock. I got to my place in a couple min/s, wrote it in a couple min/s and called her back before the store closed at 10. I read it to her. Next time I saw her I gave it to her. And she said, "You're gonna read it at City Hall on the 22nd, right"? I said "Heck no, but you CAN HAVE IT." The next few times in she was coaxing me to read it. I finally gave in just a couple days before. It went very well.

It was May in 1917
A boy was born
He grew to be a great man
President of the United States in fact
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Son of Joseph and Rose
God rest their souls

Born and raised a proud tradition
Love and family value
An officer in the United States Navy
The steps he took
The life he gave
On November 22nd, 1963
The life he gave was taken away

There have been great men in many ways
But none stood taller than a man, JFK
And when you get to thinking
About that man
Who stood for all
That's a great feeling in you
And that stands taller than tall

- Daniel Herlihy

Greetings Daniel,

Thank you taller than tall for sending your tribute to JFK.

I'm not technically savvy enough to link to that audio file you sent of you reciting it, with piano chords in the background. So instead I just transcribed it to share with "Orwell Today" readers, and gave it the title at the top of the page.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


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