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I used to work on Jefferson Blvd. in Dallas when I worked for the city as a health inspector. Here's what I discovered:

Booth was loyal to the south, whose Confederate president was Jefferson Davis.

Officer J.D. Tippit was killed by Oswald 2 blocks south of Davis Street and 1 block north of Jefferson Blvd. The streets run almost parallel and were named after Jefferson Davis.

To me, the real coincidence is that the officer's initials "J.D." stands for "Jefferson Davis".

-Ray Castle

Greetings Ray,

Thanks a million for pointing out that interesting Jefferson Davis coincidence in the Kennedy assassination -- ie policeman Tippit being shot between Jefferson and Davis streets and his initials "J D" standing for Jefferson Davis.


I found a map that backs up your claim (in Groden's The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald, scanned above). It shows the place where "Jefferson Davis" Tippit was shot at Tenth and Patton (I've marked in red) between Davis Street and Jefferson Blvd (arrows pointing).

In research over the years -- including the following books and websites -- I've come to the conclusion that Confederate president Jefferson Davis and his Secretary of State, Judah Benjamin, were the masterminds behind the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln.

LincolnLewis LincolnBishop LincolnTidwell LincolnSteers
April 14, 1865 - 2012: 147th anniversary

Congrats on discovering the Jefferson Davis connection in the Kennedy assasssination but you shouldn't say that Officer J D Tippit was killed by Oswald, you should say "allegedly" killed by Oswald because in actual fact Oswald had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Tippit -- he was framed for that just as he was framed for the killing of JFK.

Oswald is actually pictured in LIFE magazine standing in the front doorway of the Texas School Book Depository watching JFK's motorcade pass by and is seen there when JFK receives the shot in the front of the neck.

Oswald Shirt Door   JFK Car & Oswald Door   Oswald Shirt Handcuffs

When Oswald is arrested 80-minutes later he's wearing the exact same white T-shirt and longsleeved shirt open down the front and tucked in at the waist.

The assassins of Kennedy were shooting from the Dal Tex building, the TSBD building (probably from the 7th floor where they'd jammed the elevator) and from behind the picket fence above the Grassy Knoll.


All three hired guns were aided by undergover CIA, Secret Service and Dallas police agents in getting away.

The framing of Oswald included Mrs Ruth Paine in whose house his wife and children were living and who had been part of the conspiracy from the very beginning -- including helping Oswald get the TSBD job. It was Mrs Paine's Rambler station wagon (driven by the same stocky Latino-looking man with dark wavy hair and tan jacket who was later seen shooting Tippit) that picked up Oswald on Elm Street around 12:45 in front of the TSBD building after the police started letting traffic through. Oswald was then driven directly, or indirectly (perhaps for a rendezvous with Jack Ruby who lived in a nearby apartment) to the Texas Theater where he was seen by witnesses around 1 pm watching opening credits of the second feature WAR IS HELL (about the Korean War). A witness also saw Jack Ruby sitting in the back row of the theater, two rows behind where Oswald was swarmed by police accusing him of killing the president (even though no connection had been reported). In the scuffle a gun was planted in Oswald's hand as an excuse to retaliate and kill him then and there. It was always the plan that Oswald would be killed and when it failed at the theater, plan B was to kill him in custody. That's where Ruby stepped in again -- they made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Oswald look-alikes were used in the days preceding the Kennedy assassination -- ie at the gun store, the shooting range and the Lincoln-car dealership -- causing disturbances to draw ultimate attention so as to make a future identification of the real Oswald a cinch.

Oswald look-alikes were also used in the days preceding and including the killing of Tippit -- ie at the shoe store on Jefferson Boulevard, on the bus, in the taxi, at the rooming house, at the bus stop, at Tenth and Patton where Tippit was shot, along the route to the theater and again at the shoe store on Jefferson Boulevard.

The policeman, like the president, was doomed to die that day. Why they chose Tippit -- maybe it was because his initials stood for Jefferson Davis (and they love symbolism) or maybe just because that Oak Cliff area was his stomping grounds.

After receiving your email I was inspired to finish an article I've been working on relating to the death of J D Tippit and how it was physically impossible for Oswald to have done it. See SUPERMAN OSWALD FASTER THAN MAGIC BULLET


LHO RouteMap

In the above map of Oswald's alleged route from the TSBD to the Texas Theatre the solid red line running from right to left in the bottom of the photo is Jefferson Boulevard. Davis Street, two blocks above the "X" marking the spot of Tippit's murder, can also be seen on the map.

Much of my understanding of how they framed Oswald for the Tippit murder came from reading Roger Craig's book WHEN THEY KILL A PRESIDENT (excerpted in the OSWALD SUPERMAN article linked above) and also Robert Groden's book THE SEARCH FOR LEE HARVEY OSWALD, pertinent pages of which are scanned below and can be clicked to enlarge for reading.

Oswald Groden Cover Oswald Groden Back


TippitCarShoot TippitFace

TippitMap TippitWitnesses

TippitCarCorner WitnessReynolds


ShoestoreLookalike ShoeStoreEmployee TheaterBack JeffersonBlvd

OswaldArrestPg150 OswaldArrestPg152 OswaldTheaterRuby

Thanks again for sending along that Jefferson Davis Lincoln-Kennedy assassination coincidence -- it's a valuable contribution toward piecing the puzzle together.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


PS - In futher reading regarding the type of gun used to kill "J D" Tippit, I notice that "Davis" is the last name of the people who lived in the house on the corner of Tenth and Patton where two empty bullet shells were found in the shrubs after the assassin ran diagonally across their yard on his way to Jefferson Boulevard!



Man who helped catch JFK killer honored Associated Press, Nov 22, 2011
Dallas police honored a man on Tuesday whose "keen observation skills and strong sense of civic duty" led them to Lee Harvey Oswald, who had crept into the back of a darkened movie theater to hide on Nov. 22, 1963, shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Police Chief David Brown presented Johnny Calvin Brewer with the department's Citizen's Certificate of Merit and praised his selfless act and "exemplary conduct" 48 years ago during a ceremony at the Texas Theatre - the same place where Oswald was captured about 80 minutes after Kennedy was killed. "I'm just so overwhelmed," Brewer, 70, said after receiving the award and watching a video of his 22-year-old self recounting the events of that day. Brewer, a manager at a shoe store located about 90 steps from the Oak Cliff neighborhood theater, was listening to news reports about the president's assassination when he heard reports that a Dallas police officer, J.D. Tippit, had just been killed a few blocks away.

A man whose behavior seemed suspicious then walked into the foyer of the shoe store. Brewer said the man stared at the display in the window and acted scared as police cars with blaring sirens raced by. After the last squad car passed in one direction, the man stepped out of the store and walked in the opposite direction toward the movie theater. Brewer saw him go into the theater without buying a ticket. He followed him, alerting the woman in the box office to call police. Brewer then shared his suspicions with the concessions operator and the two searched the theater and stood by the emergency exits. Hearing noise behind his alley-exit door, Brewer opened it only to have police guns aimed at him. The movie theater lights went on and Brewer pointed out the suspicious man seated in the theater. Oswald was arrested after a brief scuffle, during which he punched an officer and pulled a gun. As Oswald was taken from the theater he hollered: "I am not resisting arrest," according to testimony Brewer gave to the Warren Commission that investigated the president's death. Oswald was shot and killed two days later by nightclub owner Jack Ruby in the basement of police headquarters while being transferred to the county jail.

Since then, Brewer said he served in the Navy and then moved to Austin, where he still lives, having retired from a career in sales. Beaming family members, including two grandchildren, and friends who called him a humble man, were on hand for Tuesday's ceremony. "Mr. Brewer made a difference in the history of the United States," Deputy Police Chief Randy Blankenbaker said. "You not only helped us capture the man who shot the president of the United States but you also helped us capture a man who killed one of our police officers." Tippit's widow expressed her gratitude to Brewer, as did retired Dallas police officer Ray Hawkins. "I think it's a little late, but I'm glad he's finally getting recognition. He's deserving," said Hawkins, who said he handcuffed Oswald that day. Brown speculated that the tribute did not occur sooner because Dallas has been trying to move away from the tragedy it's been associated with for so long that "many of the details of the actions by citizens like Mr. Brewer have been left behind." But Brown, who became chief last year, said as the department began trying to revisit its legacy and history, Brewer's story just "jumped out."

Last year, Farris Rookstool III, a former FBI analyst and JFK historian, brought their attention to Temple F. Bowley, who climbed in to Tippit's squad car moments after he was slain and used the police radio to call for help. After Bowley was issued a commendation, the chief asked Rookstool if there was anyone else who was missed and research revealed Brewer. Brown made a point of correcting that oversight "as quickly as possible," saying, "Thank God we were able to find him and he's still with us." The chief said the department will keep looking for those "whose extraordinary actions helped bring closure to one of the more tragic" events for the city and the nation.

Cyclists get a handle on Oswald's Oak Cliff route after JFK assassination
by Sherry Jacobson, Dallas Morning News, Feb 2, 2009
When Lee Harvey Oswald fled the Texas School Book Depository on that fateful day in 1963, he didn't realize that a group of local history buffs on bicycles would retrace his footsteps nearly 46 years later. More than 125 bikers of all ages converged Sunday afternoon on downtown's Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. Many of the riders had already visited the Sixth Floor Museum inside the old depository where Oswald once had a job filling book orders. The seven-mile ride was billed not only as a lesson in local history but also as a chance to encourage biking from downtown Dallas to the neighborhoods of north Oak Cliff, where Oswald once lived. The event is the first tour sponsored by the year-old Bike Friendly Oak Cliff group. "It's not that we're trying to glorify an assassin," explains Jason Roberts, one of the group's founders and the ride's tour guide. "But for so long, people have turned a blind eye to what happened that day and, especially, Oswald's role," he says. "We're just taking a walking tour of the assassination, only we're doing it on bicycles."

With no historical markers to guide them, the cyclists travel across the Houston Street Viaduct and head south on Zang Boulevard to Beckley Avenue, where Oswald fled to a house in which he rented a room. "He returns to his room and puts on a jacket," Roberts tells the bikers, who crowd the sidewalk and street in front of the house. "He comes back out and waits for a bus. It doesn't come, and he takes off walking." The bikers follow Oswald's path about a mile to 10th Street and Patton Avenue, where he is said to have encountered and shot Dallas patrolman J.D. Tippit with a .38-caliber handgun. Witnesses that day reported that the gunman ran toward Jefferson Boulevard. "When Tippit is shot, it immediately is connected to the shooting downtown, and an all-points bulletin goes out," says Roberts, who pieced together his narrative from reading the Warren Commission Report and other published sources and from talking to people who were in Dallas that day.

On a brief side trip to a second Oak Cliff rooming house, the bikers see where Oswald was photographed holding a rifle that later was discovered hidden inside the depository. Then the group rides to the Texas Theatre on Jefferson, where Oswald sought refuge at a matinee showing of War Is Hell. With their bikes stacked on the sidewalk outside, the bikers file inside the cool, darkened theater. "Oswald ducks into the theater without buying a ticket because the ticket-booth lady is distracted by all the police cars going by. He is sitting in the third row from the back, fifth seat over," Roberts says, pointing to a seat. "Luckily, the shoe store manager from down the street is following Oswald and tells the ticket lady, who calls the police. Fifteen police officers arrive at the theater," Roberts says, his voice rising as the enthralled group falls silent. "The lights in the theater are turned up, and the shoe-store guy points out Oswald. Four officers pounce. Oswald pulls out his pistol and fires it, but an officer's hand jams the hammer. A struggle ensues, and they bring Oswald out of the theater." It is a breathless moment in Dallas history, and the bikers exhale a collective sigh of relief....




Oswald co-worker no longer silent about JFK assassination role. Dallas Morning News, Nov 16, 2008
...Buell Frazier drove Lee Harvey Oswald to work that fateful Nov. 22....Mr. Frazier helped train Oswald at his new job (Oswald was hired at the book depository Oct. 16) and had driven him to Irving several times soon faded from most people's memories. But another factor remained noteworthy. Officials assumed that the package Oswald carried to work that morning was the Italian-made rifle he used to kill Kennedy. Mr. Frazier still doesn't believe it. When Oswald got in his car that morning, Mr. Frazier hardly noticed the bundle Oswald laid on the back seat. "He told me he was taking some curtain rods for his room," Mr. Frazier said. "I didn't think much about it." Mr. Frazier parked his car behind the depository building and revved his engine for a few moments, charging his low battery, and watched Oswald walk about 200 yards into the building with the package under his arm. In his testimony before the Warren Commission, Mr. Frazier said the brown paper package Oswald carried that morning was too short to contain a rifle. Oswald cupped the package in his hand, he said, and it fit under his armpit. In Washington, Mr. Frazier said, he was "pressured" to change his recollection. In the days afterward, he was badgered by the media, harassed by people who didn't understand his relationship to Oswald and even became fearful for his life...."I know what I saw," he said, "and I've never changed one bit."...

DEDICATED TO PRESIDENT KENNEDY (poem by Dallas Sheriff Deputy Roger Craig, witness at Dealey Plaza)

PHOTOS PROVE OSWALD INNOCENT (shown in LIFE magazine October 1964)

WAS OSWALD A POOR SHOT? (No one has ever duplicated Oswald's alleged shooting performance; not even world-class or Master-rated marksmen have done so. For that matter, no rifle test has ever actually simulated all of the factors under which Oswald would have fired)

WHEN THEY KILL A PRESIDENT (manuscript by Dallas Sheriff Deputy Roger Craig, witness at Dealey Plaza)

SHERIFF ROGER CRAIG SAW LOTS (Saw three hulls in Sniper's Nest lined up an inch apart, all pointing in the same direction...Saw Oswald run from Book Depository and get in green Rambler Station wagon...Craig's death at age 39 in 1975 by "suicide" might seem suspicious...)

JFK EXECUTIVE ACTION FILM DEBUT (starring Burt Lancaster, hit movie theaters November 1973 on 10th anniversary JFK assassination)

watch JFK MOVIE EXECUTIVE ACTION (a MUST see - an excellent depiction of men and logistics behind JFK assassination including how they framed Lee Harvey Oswald, the innocent patsy)




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