To Orwell Today,

Greetings Ms. Jura:

I am writing to see if you could provide me with information concerning the book (title, author, publication date) whose photographs appear on your website dealing with the Kennedy assassination in November 1963. See JFK ASSASSINATION PUZZLE PIECES

I specifically mean the book from which you reproduced the following pages:

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I would like to either purchase the book in question or to borrow a copy from my local library.

Many thanks for taking time to reply to my request for this information.

Best regards,
David Brown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Greetings David,

Those photos you cite on my website are from Robert J Groden's THE SEARCH FOR LEE HARVEY OSWALD, published in 1995 by Viking Penguin, a division of Penguin Books USA Inc. Below I've excerpted some passages from the back cover and inside flaps:

SearchLHOcvrBack SearchLHOflaps

The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald contains more than 600 photographs and documents pertaining to Oswald's life, the people in it, and his actions leading up to November 22, 1963. The presentation of so much information allows the reader to note the inconsistencies in the official story of Oswald's life, in documents and testimony about Oswald, and even in Oswald's appearance over time.... Lee was never tried of any crime; it was never conclusively proved that he assassinated the president or police officer J D Tippit. He may never have been found guilty if he had been brought to trial for these crimes. His all too convenient death precluded his defense. More than anything, The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald convinces us that the most likely scenario was that Lee was set up as the patsy in the assassination of President Kennedy. The book shows us that any combination of certain interest groups had the desire and the capacity to murder the president, and to place the blame elsewhere -- on Lee Harvey Oswald...

In many, many of the articles about the assassination of JFK on ORWELL TODAY I have reproduced photos from THE SEARCH FOR LEE HARVEY OSWALD and also from THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT which was Groden's first book, published in 1993:

KillingPresCvrBack KillingPresFlaps

This authoritative volume contains more than 650 photographs, maps, drawings, and documents that depict and explain the events surrounding the assassination and the cover-up including a complete analysis of the medical, ballistics, and acoustics evidence; the story of Lee Harvey Oswald; new information on the "grassy knoll" controversy; the Warren Commission proceeddings; the details of Jim Garrison's investigation; and a discussion of the House Assassination hearings in the late 1970s. Many of the book's photographs, documents, and data have never before been published because of their suppression by the government or their previous unavailability.... While some of the photographs in this book are shocking and disturbing, their appearancxe here is crucial to showing that a conspiracy did exist to kill John Kennedy. The Killing of a President is a powerful and important book that attempts to unlock the secrets of the conspiracy -- one that the American government has supported for the last thirty years....

These two beautiful, hardcover, coffee-table-sized books by Robert Groden are masterpieces and vital reading for people searching for the truth about the assassination of JFK. I have noticed, in visiting some libraries over the years, that they are no longer available to borrow and have sometimes been sold as discards. But thank God they can still be found in used bookstores on-line -- or at least the last time I looked.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, November 2017

To Orwell Today,

Many thanks, Jackie, for taking time to send me this information. I had not seen many of the photographs I found on your website and wished to know your source for this information.

Best regards,


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~