To Orwell Today,

Your comments suggesting the drug use of Jack Kennedy as being fictional is interesting to say the least. On a recent History Channel program, "JFK: A Presidency Revealed", even his own brother Ted Kennedy appears during the segments where his health and drug use is discussed. Bobby Kennedy found vials of a substance in Jack's medicine cabinet (after much concern about the substances being taken by his brother), given to him by Max Jacobson, that were later tested at the FBI labs and came up as amphetamines. Ninety nine percent of Kennedy biographers and historians agree that his medical history was downplayed from the public by the Kennedy family, and that he did in fact use drugs to help him cope with the debilitating pain he experienced from his numerous ailments. This included injecting amphetamine into his leg on a daily basis. Your belief that the negative stories about Kennedy's personal life are the real conspiracy, and not the acts themselves, is quite misguided.

Ronald Mark Rutherford II

Hello Ronald,

I've noticed that people (other than friends or family) who refer to JFK as "Jack", as you do, are usually from the anti-Kennedy camp. People who respect and admire him, as I do, usually refer to him by his initials, "JFK", or his title, "President Kennedy", or if wanting to be emphatic, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy".

You mention no titles or authors of the books that form your opinions of JFK. But you're obviously on the receiving end of prolefeed from the Ministry of Truth. I discuss this phenomenon in the essay THEY KKK-KEEP KILLING KENNEDY and in another essay I explain the TRUTH ABOUT JFK'S HEALTH.

I'm curious. Do you REALLY believe that JFK was a pill-popping drug injector who screwed Marilyn Monroe or do you just WANT to believe it?

And how about Lee Harvey Oswald shooting JFK. Do you believe that too?

Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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