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I'm writing from Hamburg/Germany. I've seen a documentary about Jackie Kennedy which discussed her role in the politics of that time. I learned that she translated several works about Indochina including deGaulle's memoirs.

I have found your page JFK, JACKIE & DEGAULLE and wondered whether you might be able to help me to find out which french texts she translated and where I could possibly find them.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,
Jakob Nowicki

Greetings Jakob,

In the excerpt I quoted from Schlesinger's book, A THOUSAND DAYS, it didn't specify which book Jackie translated from de Gaulle's memoirs:

"...President Kennedy was well-informed on the history of France in Indochina because he had read de Gaulle's memoirs which Jackie had translated from French into English for him, and when they met in Paris, JFK was able to quote from de Gaulle's own book (which impressed de Gaulle very much)..."

De Gaulle's Mémoires de Guerre (War Memoirs), were published in three volumes:

Volume I   - L’Appel  (Call to Honour), 1940–1942 (published 1954)
Volume II  - L’Unité  (Unity), 1942–1944 (published 1956)
Volume III - Le Salut (Salvation), 1944–1946 (published 1959)

You could probably order copies of de Gaulle's books on the web, or perhaps find them in the Hamburg library.

Es tut mir leid (phrase remembered from two years living in Germany) for not being more helpful.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


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