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re: Chris from Texas reads everything he can about the 'Crime of the Century'

...I would love to have the time devoted to studying the Kennedy murders. I know the answers are out there, and probably the most simple answer is the right one. I just don't agree that LHO killed the President by himself, anyway! I will try and locate a DVD copy of the "Exec Action" and let you in on what I find.

Have you been to Dealey Plaza, or the Texas School Book Depository Museum? I have not seen the museum except on the web.

You are right, Hunt did say that he was not a major player in the murder to his son St. John Hunt. But he did admit to some affilliation with the mission at hand. He looks exactly like one of the 3 hobos along with Woody Harrellson's dad, who was convicted of killing a Federal Judge.

Talk later,
Chris Schafer

Greetings again Chris,

Actually, I don't have as much time as I want to study the Kennedy murders either and there are many half-started essays I'm working on relating to all of them. But with so many other Orwellian events presently happening in the world, it takes me away from my original passion - carrying the torch for JFK.

But in between everything else (and to complete those unwritten essays) I do keep up with JFK reading. For example, this week I read the book MY TWELVE YEARS WITH JOHN F. KENNEDY written in 1965 by his personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln. I'm now awaiting the arrival of her second book KENNEDY AND JOHNSON, written in 1968 (I ordered them both a few weeks ago).

Regarding Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO), not only did he not kill the President by himself, he had absolutely nothing to do with it! He was a "patsy" - just as he said he was. This can be proven by physics (2 + 2 = 4) and soon I hope to finish another essay exposing it (above and beyond the obvious of LHO being unable to be in two places at one time and it needing to be a "magic bullet" if shot from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository building as previously explained in PHOTOS PROVE OSWALD INNOCENT & OSWALD IN DOORWAY NOT LOVELADY & WAS OSWALD A POOR SHOT? & LAST WORDS OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD

(Hint about my upcoming essay: Oswald would have to be a 'magic man' to cover the distance from Dealey Plaza to...the Tippit the Texas Theatre in the time frame the Warren Commission built around him.)

A book that helped me put puzzle pieces together about how the planners framed LHO (which the film EXECUTIVE ACTION also explains very well but focusing on different aspects) is MRS. PAINE'S GARAGE by Thomas Mellon which came out in 2002 (she's the woman who Oswald's wife and children were living with and where LHO slept the night before the assassination). The book doesn't set out to exonerate LHO (and that isn't even its premise) but by reading between the lines a conspiracy buff can find many pieces of the puzzle. Pre-requisite reading to understanding the book would be WHEN THEY KILL A PRESIDENT & THE RAMBLER MAN (by and about Roger Craig, an unsung JFK hero and creator of the poem: DEDICATED TO PRESIDENT KENNEDY).

Yes, there is a likeness to Hunt in the photo of THE THREE TRAMPS in Dealey Plaza and, although the article contends they had nothing to do with the assassination, I believe they did (and among them an actual assassin).

The answer to your question, "Have I been to Dealey Plaza" is, regrettably, "No" - and that's because I've never been to Texas, let alone Dallas. But I'm thankful to a reader who one-time sent me JFK DEALEY PLAZA PHOTOS he took when he was there.

If and when I do go to Dallas, I'll retrace the route of JFK's motorcade from the airport, and also the alleged route of Lee Harvey Oswald to the Texas Theatre (to prove the 'magic man' thesis). Also, I'll visit the TSBD museum and retrace LHO's alleged footprints in there. And I'll travel the route to Parkland Hospital.

Then I'll walk all over Dealey Plaza and finally I'll sit on the grass opposite where "X" MARKS THE SPOT and I'll pray to JFK.

All the best,
Jackie Jura



EXECUTIVE ACTION starring Burt Lancaster (a MUST see - an excellent depiction of men and logistics behind JFK assassination including how they framed Lee Harvey Oswald, the innocent patsy)


4.Old World Destruction & 17.Falsification of Past & 16.Ministry of Truth (Lies)

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