To Orwell Today,

Greetings Ms.Jura,

I came across your website early this morning, and I must admit I am very impressed by the amount of work you have put into the examination of the Crime Of The Century. I was only 8 when JFK was murdered, sitting in art class with my fellow third graders. We were allowed to listen to the radio accounts from Dallas, and I remember feeling so sad and astonished that this could have happened in the USA.

Ever since then I have read as much as I can get my hands on about the assassination. I have a copy of the original Warren Report that was loaned to me a long time ago by a high school friend.

Have you ever read the account of E. Howard Hunt as told by his son St. John Hunt concerning his part in the murder plot? It places LBJ at the top of the chart. Hunt made a cassette tape for his son to listen to after Hunt was dead. The CIA was in it for sure along with numerous diabolical persons.

That is my opinion I guess. I have seen "Executive Action" back in 1973 when it was at the theaters in Dallas none-the-less. I have lived in Waco, TX most of my life. It is only 100 miles from Dallas, so I have been through Dealey Plaza many times. It is a strange feeling to drive through that place with all that occurred there in 1963.

I have visited many websites on the JFK murder, and yours is one of the best!

Chris Schafer

Greetings Chris,

Glad to know you've discovered "Orwell Today" and are reading the JFK assassination section of the website. It's always interesting to hear from conspiracy buffs and people who "remember where they were" that horrific day.

No, I haven't read that account by E Howard Hunt's son but recall it being all over the news a few years ago. I guess, before he died, Hunt wanted fifteen minutes of infamy for the minor, periphery role he played (as a low-level CIA disinformation agent) in the 'Crime of the Century'. I did read the boring book PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane a long time ago which was about a counter-lawsuit against Hunt contending he was a big player in the assassination.

I do agree about Lyndon Johnson, ie that he knew the assassination was going to happen (but not necessarily having any role in its planning). See LBJ OF ELMS ON ELM

It's interesting you saw the movie EXECUTIVE ACTION when it first came out way back in the 70s. I didn't see it until the 90s (heard about it and then rented the video) and was amazed at how brazenly it lays the whole thing out. I highly recommend it as mandatory viewing for anyone interested in figuring out who killed JFK (without doing years of reading and research to arrive at the same conclusion).

I notice in recent news (and am posting an article about it soon*) that the city of Fort Worth, Texas is erecting a statue of JFK in a park a couple of blocks from the hotel where JFK spent his last night and gave his last speech. Maybe you could make a pilgrimage to there and take photos to share with "Orwell Today" readers.

All the best,
Jackie Jura



To Orwell Today,

Wow! You must put a ton of hours into this, with as much as you have on your site.

I would like to own "Executive Action" on DVD. Did you get it on DVD yet?

-Chris Schafer

Greetings Chris,

Actually, you're right - I do put in a ton of hours...and hours...and hours...and hours...and hours ad infinitium into the website.

But, it's a labour of love.

No, I don't have EXECUTIVE ACTION on DVD yet - just on VHS. But now that you mention it, I better track one down.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

MOVE JFK NO EXECUTIVE ACTION (Chris sends a link for people to watch)

Jackie Jura
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