Hello Orwell Today,

I read with great interest your thoughts on the JFK assassination.

I have studied this event since the 1970's when a history professor at Youngstown State University got me interested in it. I was fortunate enough to be working for the US Government 1977-1979 and attended some of the House Assassination hearings. I attended only due to my History professor, Dr. May, who was passionate that there was a conspiracy involved in JFK's death. I had no interest in the JFK assassination until hearing his thoughts on the event. (Dr May thought the Cubans did it). Little did I know this topic would be the research of my life. No, I do not have the ultimate answer. After all these years of study I am convinced a conspiracy was involved. In most countries when a head of state is assassinated, most of the people believe there was a coup d'etat involved. Not in the United States of course. We love our lone nuts, don't we?

I love that you have coupled the denigration of "conspiracy nuts" with Orwell's thought police. Your line of thought is compelling. I do not feel we will find the smoking gun in our lifetimes but I am raising my boys to question everything. And now in their adulthood, they question and seek beyond the pablum posited by the media. I will continue to read your info and appreciate your courage.

Very Truly Yours,
Seekfinder 55

Greetings Seekfinder,

Thanks very much for your kind comments - and great to have you as a reader of JFK on "Orwell Today".

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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