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Hi Jackie,

Many words have been written about JFK over the years. About his assassination, his politics, personal life and the Kennedy family dynasty and conspiracies. I offer the following strange coincidencies:

Abraham Lincoln elected 1860, JFK elected 1960. Both these presidents killed in front of their wives, both were killed on a friday. Both successors were called Johnson, Andrew was born in 1808, Lyndon was born in 1908. Both John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald were killed before their trial. Lincoln's secretary, named Kennedy, adivised Lincoln against going to the Theatre and JFK's secretary whose name was Lincoln told him not to go to Dallas. Lincoln was shot in the theatre and Booth ran to a warehouse. JFK was supposedly shot at from a warehouse and Oswald ran to a theatre.

Raymond Wills

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for sending that classic list of JFK coincidences which I have often heard but had never seen written down. I know there are still others, some to do with the number of letters in Kennedy's and Lincoln's names; and the alleged assassins having three words in their names; and the names of the places where they died having to do with cars, ie JFK was in a car named Lincoln and Lincoln was in a theatre named Ford. Maybe someone will send in the rest of the coincidences and they can be compiled into a list. So far, between you and me, this is what we've got:


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