To Orwell Today,

Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy.

Lincoln had 2 sons named Edward and Robert. Edward died at age 4 and Robert lived on.
Kennedy had 2 brothers named Robert and Edward. Robert was assassinated and Edward lived on.

- Sheila Bunch

Greetings Sheila,

Thanks for that new coincidence about the names Robert and Edward being the sons and brothers of Lincoln and Kennedy respectively.

However, it's an urban legend about Lincoln having a secretary named Kennedy. See LINCOLN DID NOT HAVE A SECRETARY NAMED KENNEDY

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - Today I also added some Jackie Kennedy additions to the coincidence list:

LBJ AIR FORCE 2 TO 1 (...Glancing at the bronze box, Mrs. Kennedy began to think of Abraham Lincoln. The buoyant, youthful sophisticated John F. Kennedy became fused in the shadow of death with the wary, cavernous man who had sealed the fractures in the union with the blood of its best boys. He, too, had had his Johnson; he, too, had died on a Friday; he, too, had been sitting with his wife; he, too, had been shot in the back of the head; in death he, too, had turned over the affairs of the nation to a man who was earthy, a vindictive Southerner who was politically alienated from his area.)

Jackie Jura
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