To Orwell Today,

as far as jfk/lincoln coincidences go, here's one i am surprised many overlooked...

BOTH were 2 of the greatest Presidents of our nation but i suppose we tend to overlook that sort of thing...

why don't we just appreciate them for who they were and forget about how many letters John Wilkes Booth has in his name!


p.s. thanks for the coincidences though, it really helped with my report!! :)

Greetings Rachel,

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution to the Lincoln-JFK Coincidences List and you are right that somehow that most important aspect of them - their GREATNESS - has gone unsaid to this point.

Your contribution has reminded me of coincidences I've been wanting to add since learning about them in my ongoing reading of books about Lincoln's life, times and death. I'm including some of them now in the updated list. See LINCOLN & KENNEDY COINCIDENCES

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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