To Orwell Today,
re: additions to JFK coincidences

Both were noted athletes - Lincoln wrestling, JFK american football. Both wives lost children whilst living in White House. Both sons Tad and JFK Jnr died before reaching 40. Both Lincoln and JFK liked quoting the Bible and works of Shakespeare. Both were over 6ft tall. Mrs Kennedy insisted JFK funeral mirrored Lincoln's as closely as possible. Neither men carried any money. Both suffered from genetic diseases. Lincoln was shot in a Ford theatre, JFK in a Ford product. JFK's car was a Lincoln. Both died in a place with initials P and H, Peterson House and Parkland Hospital.

- Raymond Wills

Hi Raymond,

I've taken out the nuggets (or separated the wheat from the chaff) from your additions (some of them are repeats, some too trivial, some innacurate and some unverified) and logically placed them in the LINCOLN & KENNEDY COINCIDENCES list, ie Kennedy's funeral mirroring Lincoln's and both dying in places with initials P and H.

Thanks alot for those interesting additions,
Jackie Jura

PS - I added a couple of other new additions as well, ie both Johnsons being heavy drinkers with crude behaviour and both being objects of conspiracy theories regarding their involvement in the assassinations

Jackie Jura
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