To Orwell Today,


You say that JFK's body being tampered with at the back of Air Force One is a ludicrous absurdity.

All I can say is that you contact Texan Jim Marrs, an Author who spent 25 years researching JFK's Assassination. Jim Marrs is THE...... (BAR NONE)...... most knowledgable person I know regarding Kennedy's Assassination. It was HE.......(Jim Marrs), who told me that the wounds to Kennedy's still warm body, were altered at the REAR...... of Air Force One, while LBJ was being sworn in, in the Front of Air Force One..........or.........as you put it to me Jackie, the center of Air Force One.......or near the front.....whichever position you want to call it.

Have you ever read Jim Marrs book: "CROSSFIRE", THE PLOT THAT KILLED KENNEDY" Jackie? I am assuming you have...........BUT.........IF..........you haven't.......then I suggest you do so.

Believe me, you will learn things that WILL knock your socks off.......in a manner of speaking.

Best Wishes,
Bill Urban

P.S. I will send you Jim Marrs address.........(Jim Marrs permitting), in Texas and you can dispute this back of the plane hanky-panky, finangling of JFK's wounds with him. Once again, BELIEVE ME, this guy KNOWS what he is talking about.

P.P.S. In the swearing-in photo, as can be plainly seen, Jackie Kennedy is not at her husband's side, but rather at the side of Lyndon Johnson. Maybe Jackie and his aides were "sitting in chairs around him, having an Irish Wake during the flight", but based on the photo, Jackie is certainly not sitting in a chair at her husband's side, during the ceremony.

Why, if the CIA helped set the stage for the Assassination itself, would it be a ludicrous absurdity for them to have tampered with the body, both on Air Force One AND at Bethesda Hospital in Washington, D.C.?

Time was of the essence if the "Cover-Up" was to be successful and the American People were to be "calmed down" and reassured that the authorities had the real killer and that the situation was well in hand.-Bill

P.P.P.S: Since I wasen't aboard Air Force One when the swearing-in ceremony took place and since we only see Sarah Hughes from behind in the photo's, obviously I can't prove that she cried. I did hear that and since many other people cried that day, I do not find it totally impossible. Even if she was an LBJ crony, I would venture to say that Sarah, like many other citizens of Dallas, felt SOME sorrow over the tragedy that had been played out in their city. I understood that SOME ignorant school kids in Dallas, stood up on chairs and actually cheered when they heard the news that the President had been shot.....(THAT sure projected a cultured image of the United States), but overall, the emotion prevalent at the time, both in the United States and around the world, was one of grief, not cheering or celebration.

But if Judge Sarah Hughes didn't cry, then obviously I'm wrong. - Bill

P.P.P.P.S: I didn't say that Police Chief Jesse Curry was saying on his deathbed that Oswald didn't do it. I said that BEFORE he died, Chief Curry was saying that "no-body had ever been able to place Lee Harvey Oswald up in that Sixth Floor window, with a Rifle in his hand, that day".

Perhaps I didn't say it word for word, the way Jesse Curry said it, but below article, Sixth Paragraph, is how Chief Curry said it:

He told interviewer Tom Johnson that he was not convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy: "We don't have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle, and never did. Nobody's yet been able to put him in the building (Texas School Book Depository) with a gun in his hand."-Bill

P.P.P.P.P.S: I agree that at the time of the Assassination, the Dallas Police Department was one of the most corrupt in the Country. Hopefully that is not the case today. -Bill

Dear Bill,

For my response go to JFK COFFIN, MARRS & CURRY

Jackie Jura

PS - I think you mistook Jim Marr's book as being the source for the "JFK's body tampered-with-in-his-coffin-on-AF1" theory. It was actually the preposterous premise of David Lifton's 1980 book BEST EVIDENCE, which otherwise had some valuable information in it.

Jackie Jura
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