To Orwell Today,

Hello, Jackie Jura,

I just love your website!

President JFK and Senator RFK are my greatest heroes. Some of my friends and family members even think I've got "Kennedy Paranoia". Well, maybe I do, but they are worth it.

During the years I have read so many books about these great men, also many of those recommended by you. I liked most of them, but there are a few books about the Kennedy family I would never recommend to anyone; those are "The Dark Side of Camelot" by Seymour Hersh, "An Unfinished Life" by Robert Dallek, "Kennedy Curse" and "Just Jackie: Her Private Years" by Edward Klein, "Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story" by C. David Heymann and "Farewell, Jackie: A Portrait of Her Final Days" by Edward Klein.

I know you recommended the last one, however I do not really like this book and its author. I mean, who is he? A damn mind-reader? How could he know someone's thoughts! In my opinion, his books are anything but biographies! There are too many rumours, speculations and too little evidences and facts! Ok, anyway...

You have done a wonderful job - I found your website completely engrossing from beginning to end! I agree with most of your theories and opinions.

What books about Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and Ethel Skakel Kennedy (and about Ethel and Robert Kennedy's relationship, marriage, love) would you recommend? I'm looking also for a book about Jacqueline and John Kennedy's relationship, love and marriage. Which one would you recommend? And are there any films or TV series about (whole) Kennedy family you would recommend?


Greetings Alicja,

Thanks for your kind thoughts about the website and the articles about JFK. It's always good to hear from someone else with 'Kennedy Paranoia'. It's contagious, I believe, and incurable.

Yes, those books by Hersch, Dallek, Heymann and Klein are definitely not ones I'd recommend to anyone either. I wonder how many people actually do read their prolefeed from the Ministry of Truth (Lies) even though they hit the "best seller" lists in all the major book stores when they first come out.

I recall tossing and turning about putting Klein's book FAREWELL, JACKIE, A PORTRAIT OF HER FINAL DAYS on my list of recommended books on JFK but I think the reason I finally decided to was that it did paint a seemingly true picture of Jackie's life in her apartment on 5th Avenue, New York where she raised Caroline and John all those years. I don't recall it having any false innuendo about JFK, or if it did, a person who knew the truth would be able to see beyond it. Klein had access to observations of Jackie's life through his friend Templesman who was Jackie's so-called "companion" for the last fifteen years or so, or whenever it was he moved in with her.

Sometimes, but not very often, I'll recommend a book even though it may have some lies interwoven with the truth because I'll hope readers can read-between-the-lines and get what's valuable out of it.

In answer to your question regarding a book about Ethel and RFK's relationship I recommend THE OTHER MRS. KENNEDY, by Jerry Oppenheimer. It was published in 1994 but I only came across it a couple years ago (and will add it to my "recommended list" now that I think of it).

Off the top of my head I don't know of any books about Caroline (now Schlossberg) or Jackie and JFK specifically, other than the anecdotes and stories about them contained in the books already on my list. Nor can I think of any new documentaries or TV series to recommend - although I hear that HISTORY channel is preparing a JFK character assassination so bad that Caroline is asking for help from someone, somewhere, in stopping it. I posted the story, and one about RFK, when it hit the news eight months ago:

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& MiniTru(Lies) & Prolefeed & Falsification

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - On second thought I've removed Klein's 2004 FAREWELL JACKIE: A PORTRAIT OF HER FINAL DAYS from my list of recommended books even though I originally thought it contributed some reading between-the-lines. But last week (March 2011) I forced myself to again attempt to read Klein's 2003 THE KENNEDY CURSE (for research purposes to see what the proles are being told) but it's so vile I couldn't stomach it (nor other poison-pen prolefeed writers peddled in the bestseller's section of bookstores over these years). I recognize, in what I did manage to stomach of THE KENNEDY CURSE, that Klein's lies are no doubt part of the source for the JFK TV-movies and documentaries past and upcoming, ie JFK's WOMEN: SCANDALS REVEALED (which aired on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's taxfunded TV station again last night) and the upcoming THE KENNEDYS created for History Channel. Klein's character-assassination of JFK and his family is so brutal and cruel it's scary that he'd infiltrated himself into Jackie's life, through her common-law-husband Templeseman, and from that insider-position wrote his portrait of her final days.


Jackie Jura
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