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I just read your article about the "missing" missal. It's at the LBJ Library in Austin and has been all along.

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6th floor, TSBD, Dallas

Greetings Gary,

I am very surprised to learn that JFK's missing prayer book (missal) is no longer missing but is in fact in the LBJ library in Austin. Do you know its provenance? When was it found and how did it end up in the possession of the LBJ family and not the JFK family?

In any event, thank you for letting me know of its existence and whereabouts, if in fact it IS the missing missal.

I must say it's kind of amazing to be communicating with someone who is actually physically located in the infamous "6th floor" of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) building in Dallas, Texas. I've often wondered if the movie NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was named after the event that occurred there.

I have never been to Texas but I have always wanted to go to Dealey Plaza and pay homage to JFK at the location where his life was taken.

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Jackie Jura

PS - Please go to my new article JFK HOLDING BIBLE and see if you recognize the prayer book JFK is holding in his left hand as being the same one which LBJ put his hand on in Airforce One, and which you say is now in the LBJ library.

To Orwell Today,

...Why not write to the LBJ Library and ask them for the information? They have mentioned the missal's existence several times over the years and, if I remember correctly, had it on exhibit at one time. Also, if you'll check Lawrence O'Brien's oral history on their site, he explains where it went.


Hello again Gary,

Thanks for getting back with the information about Lawrence O'Brien having given an oral history explaining where the missal went. I'll look that up, and if I find it, I'll post it for the benefit of "Orwell Today" readers.

Jackie Jura

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