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I have an album in my possession, "John F. Kennedy's Last Words to Labor and His Inaugural Address". This album commemorates the last time President Kennedy talked to labor - the fifth AFL-CIO convention, New York city, November 15, 1963.

I have been trying to gather information on this particular album that was issued by the international union, UAW education department. I haven't come up with anything as of yet. Do you have any information on this album? Is it a collectors item? Is it still being sold anywhere? What is the market on the album unopened? Any information you may have and share with me would be greatly appreciated.

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Greetings Tamie,

Sorry but I don't know what the monetary value of that album would be, although maybe it's comparable to one I own.

I have a 1965 LP-album entitled HIGHLIGHTS OF SPEECHES MADE BY JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY that includes his Inaugural Address and eight other speeches which you can see scanned above. I bought the album in a second-hand bookstore several years ago. Today I see there is one for sale at Alibris.com for $31.95(US). Search the title in the "vinyl" section when you get there.

I'm familiar with JFK's AFL-CIO speech which is transcribed in my essay JFK'S RIGHT-TO-WORK SPEECH. I think it should be mandatory reading as it explains the importance of good-paying jobs for Americans and gives people an idea of what JFK would think of the Western World's jobs and resources going to Communist and Third World nations. He and his brother Bobby were opponents of trade with China and the USSR. That's one of the reasons they were killed.

Listen to JFK's AFL-CIO speech before you part with that album and then you'll get full value from it.

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Jackie Jura

9.Keeping Masses Down and 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation) and 6.Super-States

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