To Orwell Today,

Re: "1984" situation going on in Japan

Dear Ms. Jackie Jura,

My name is Yutaka Uchiyama, 43 years old, Japanese man. I just found your web site when I checked for George Orwell. I read your web site and realized that you are concerning about today's situation discribed in "1984". I have important thing to inform you. This is very difficult to explain. In Japan whole society read my mind with unkown way and try to control my mind. This is systematic human right abuses which human being has never experienced. I know this is difficult to believe for you. Still I have to say that civilaization is in great crisis now. Please help me.

Best regards,
Yutaka Uchiyama
on behalf of Winston Smith

Greetings Yutaka,

Yes, the horrors of "1984" are not just here in the west but all over the world and Orwell's masterpiece is understandable to thinking people wherever they live.

All the best in your truthseeking,
~ Jackie Jura

Dear Jackie

Thanks for your reply. You are one of a few people who try to understand my situation. Really people like you are very important for me to survive this situation. If people around the world keep pressuring on Japanese society, they may realize what they are doing someday.

We don't need Winston Smith in real world. We need freedom and justice.

Best regards,
Yutaka Uchiyama

Dear Yutaka,

Yes, but until we get freedom and justice in the world it's good that we have Winston Smith. Without him it would be a scary place.

All the best,
~ Jackie Jura

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