To Orwell Today,


I emailed previously regarding the relationship with the September 11th, 2001 incident and the United Nations International Day of Peace. I just read your article about IRAQ HELL BAGHDAD BRACELET. It is certainly surprising that there are so many troops encircling the Iraqi capital, and what concerns me most is the Resistance may fail. They are fighting for their freedom against Iraqi puppets, traitors who work in police uniforms for better pay, and foreign imperialists (i.e. primarily U.S. and British and Australian troops, "Oceania"). The world knows we began a war for conquest, for oil, and for other unknown reasons. People cannot just say it was all about the oil... we have oil capital in Kuwait, in Egypt, in Saudi Arabia, and across the Middle East. There are obviously secret reasons.

Deviating from the Iraqi capital encirclement, I want to address a possible reason for the war in Iraq - destabilization of the equatorial regions. In this world the nations in and around the equatorial regions are the most unstable, experience the worst poverty, and the majority of modern wars. Why is this allowed to perpetuate? Because it serves the interests of the ruling class to create a destabilization from which to profit, from which to perpetuate global conflict, and from which to create an overexaggeration of the militant Muslim threat to front programs which will increase government surveillance and laws limiting our freedoms. That is my hypothesis, that oil was never the reason, nor will ever be.

Returning to my original point, the violence will continue even if Baghdad is "cleared" of "insurgents". In the average mind of an Iraqi citizen, they know their government had no weapons of mass destruction, nor nuclear weapons. They knew their army did not consist of tanks when we invaded, which was true and admitted, nor an air force, which was BURIED IN THE DESERT. They see us as invaders, as evil. And we are. We should be ashamed of our governments in every western nation. Our leaders are bad, bad people.

To anyone with a rational, human mind:

Want to be patriotic? Want to insure that the Enlightenment ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity persist? Want to make sure freedom isn't forgotten? Want to make sure that a world of "We" or "Brave New World" or "1984" will never, ever happen? Speak against the evil that perpetuates world instability. Speak about truth and beauty, and never forget Voltaire and Bacon and Locke. Patriotism is the support of the best qualities of a society, not the support of the evil in current power. Patriotism is the knowledge of what differs between inhumanity and love. Hate must not be our prevailing attitude. We all must come to realize what sort of society we are becoming.

Anyways, for those who aren't complete incompetent morons there is one small thing you can do. If you talk with a friend, a family member, or someone else in person who speaks of the good war has brought us, or how the Iraqi "terrorists" are evil, please tell them what I have said, please do something. If no one tries, our society is doomed.

Hate and ignorance cannot be allowed to prevail.

Nick Burd

Greetings Nick,

Yes, it should be obvious to "rational, human minds" that the war in Iraq is not a war because there is no enemy, just terrorized Iraqi people whose country is being destroyed by war profiteers who use western-world soldiers as tools to implement their diabolical plans. International corporations, with politicians as share-holders, make millions of dollars destroying and then rebuilding, destroying and then rebuilding, destroying and then rebuilding.

All the best in your quest to spread the truth,
Jackie Jura

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