Here's an email exchange between a reader and myself regarding insurance rates:

Hi Jackie:

I don't know if you've heard the latest about the insurance rates in Alberta going up by 50%. Take a look at this! (I am waiting for a call from my insurance agent to find out what this year's insurance bill will be.)

Driver #1 is a 17-year-old boy with driver training, no accidents and a 1995 Honda Civic that he drives to work and school.

Driver #2 is a 38-year old woman with no accidents and a 2002 Ford Explorer that she drives to work and for pleasure.

Driver #3 is a 65 year-old retired man with no accidents. He drives a 2003 Ford Taurus only for pleasure.

The following chart shows rates that each driver could expect to pay in the three provinces.

..............Saskatchewan.....British Columbia.....Alberta

Driver #1.......$..964...............$2,176...............$5,053
Driver #2.......$1,194...............$1,693...............$1,567
Driver #3.......$1,217...............$1,170...............$1,147

Without driver training, in Alberta, Driver #1 would pay at least $6,743 per year."

On June 15 & 17, CFCN TV in Calgary covered another very interesting story about insurance. Quote: "Rick McLean was expecting his family's rates to go up after his wife had a minor crash. His teenage son was involved in another crash that wasn't his fault. But when his annual bill increased by $9-thousand, he was outraged. He shopped around and received quotes from other companies in the neighbourhood of $18-thousand."

That's because of all the claim lawyers that advertise on TV that they can get people more for their injury claims. Oh, what would we do without these wonderful lawyers!

Hi Jay,

The kids that survived Morgentaler's Murder Inc and who are now reaching adulthood are having to run the gauntlet of the government and their "dogs" which have been unleashed on them. Everything is blamed on kids (especially white males) and new laws to persecute them come out daily, for example the insurance rates you've just quoted.

Another part of the insurance scam is the hidden agenda of the Greens (another name for Communists) to herd everyone into the cities and have them use Segways. The "countryside" will be for the enjoyment of the rich who will travel there by private plane or helicopter or BMW etc etc. The slaves (ie us) will take public transport or nothing - and that's after getting PERMISSION from the creeps first.

Hi Jackie:

I agree with you totally. It's so depressing that I don't really want to live into a very old age. My insurance agent hasn't gotten back to me yet about what my next bill will be. I hope I will be able to keep my car.

I too see the day when only the wealthy will be able to afford vehicles. They'll make them prohibitively unaffordable for the young or the old and these people will all become like peasants, travelling on foot everywhere.

It's sad that our grandparents could tell us stories about how "bad" things were when they were kids, and how much they improved since, when we will only be able to tell our grandchildren how "good" things were when we were young, and how "much they deteriorated" since.