To Orwell Today,

Read your article on Natuashish and the Innu. Wanted to point out that Innu and Inuit are NOT the same thing. The article was good, though.


Greetings Peter,

Thank you for pointing out that the Inuit are different from the Innu, but I did know that. The article is about the Innu in Davis Inlet and Natuashish but the same problems also apply to the Inuit and so I'll leave their name in the title, which is the only place it's mentioned (but I have corrected the spelling as I notice I had used two 'n's in Inuit when there is only one).

Yes, it was a good article because it honestly portrayed the total corruption on the federal and tribal leaders level and how no one is doing anything about it. Children and youth are killing their bodies and destroying their minds with gas sniffing and the adults are doing the same with alcohol. A few simple things the powers-that-be COULD do is put locks on all the gas tanks and stop flying in the booze.

It's a travesty and a tragedy what the government and the native leaders all over the country are doing to the people. It's not just the Eskimo and Indian Canadians that are being infiltrated with drugs and alcohol and gambling. Increasingly it is happening everywhere. And the same corrupt organizations - government and Indian chiefs in cahoots with corporations - are making lots of money off of peoples' misery. But what makes it so much more heartbreaking for the Innu and Inuit is that the misery is delivered right to their door and they have no escape from it.

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