To Orwell Today,

Dear Madame,

We are the students of R N Podar school, India. We are working on a presentation on the book 1984-George Orwell. We will be highly obliged if we can get your valuable insight on the book and its theme. We are also looking for the views and comments of people all over the world, and their different opinions about the totalitarian government.

Thank You,
(On behalf of RN Podar students)

Greetings Aparajita,

It's great to hear from students in India, the country where George Orwell was born on June 25th, 1903, and where the first-ever statue of him has been erected. See SHRINE TO ORWELL and ORWELL STATUE IN MOTIHARI

If you read the sections WHY ORWELL WROTE 1984 and HOW TO USE THIS WEBSITE you will find answers to your question about insight and themes.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

Thank you so much. We are really grateful to you for your help.

-RN Podar students

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~