To Orwell Today,

Well thanks for making all Aboriginal People look like helpless, lazy beggars, depending on wonderful understanding of pretty people like you. The Indian problem as it spills out of your mouth (garbage) exists here in Canada but you can solve that by moving where Aboriginals don't exist, so good-bye and may god bless you in your own little world. Why can't everyone co-exist in harmony? Indians as you refer to did not create our future (The Indian Act, Welfare system, Reserve System and you know as well as I do that there is more). And all we ever do is take the heat or criticism for it. We are right that this vast land was ours to share like it or not.

-Andy Mecas

Greetings Andy,

You make no mention of which article you read on my website that so enraged you. Perhaps it was the poem I DON'T WANT TO ACCEPT ALL THE BLAME or maybe the article CANADA GOING TO THE INDIANS or INNUIT HELL IN HANDBASKET.

Some of the most corrupt politicians in Canada are the chiefs of the various Indian tribes who have enriched themselves with tax-funded money in tax-exempt schemes run by multinational corporations who want to own the land the Indians claim and so are claiming land the Indians don't own - ie all of Canada. See INDIAN CLAIMS IN NUTSHELL and INDIAN LAND CLAIMS NOT BELIEVED.

While the Indian chiefs and their cronies live like Mafia dons on casino-takings, their people (and there are less than 800,000 Indians in Canada and they're being given over 7 billion dollars a year) live in self-induced squalor, preferring to live on dole on reservations, instead of out in the real world, or are living out in the real world but claiming Indian benefits. Every day more and more people are claiming Indian blood, just to get on the payroll.

Canada no more belongs to Indians than to any other individual or group in Canada.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I'm not leaving Canada which is my ancestral home going back probably farther than you can claim. Also, for your information, there is no place on earth where aboriginals don't live. Every nation has their own descendants of first or native people.

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Jackie Jura
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