To Orwell Today,

Sutton Courtenay is not all that close to Henley-on-Thames; furthermore, Henley-on-Thames is a town, not a village.

Adam Addis

Greetings Adam,

I assume from your tone that you disliked my story about visiting Orwell's houses in Henley-on-Thames and his grave in Sutton Courtenay, both of which are in the Thames Valley.

Contrary to what you are saying, Henley-on-Thames actually IS close to Sutton Courtenay. I know that because I was there. I drove from Henley-on-Thames to Sutton Courtenay and it wasn't very far at all. I don't know the exact mileage but you could look it up.

Pardon me for calling Henley-on-Thames a village. You're right, it's a good sized town. My apologies. But Sutton Courtenay is a village, is it not?

All the best,
Jackie Jura


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