To Orwell Today,

my name is jake and i'm a big fan of george orwell and i was hoping if u could answer my questions and if possible have a response by today or tomorrow. i'm having dificulties with these question maybe u can answer them. please this is really important for me.

Who are the proles in 1984? Who are they in 2004. give as much example as possible

Orwell has Squealer and the sheep symbolize the role of propaganda in suppressing a population. what tactics were used in 1984? analyze the media in our country. is there an orwellian quality to them?

the dogs were the enforcers, the terror squad, in animal farm. in 1984, what terror techniques were used? what, if any, terror tactics are used in present day society?

were there double standards in 1984 between those who governed and the governed? compare those with those of today's ruler.

please help me on this one. i read the books but i'm a little confuse of what they say.

thank you

Dear Jake,

My website has broken 1984 into 45 themes and contains hundreds of daily updates which give examples of Orwellian events in today's society. If you are still unable to answer the above questions after reading the book and using my webpage then the topic either doesn't interest you or you aren't academically ready for the subject.

You should be able to put two and two together at this point and arrive at the correct answer on your own. (Hint, the answer ISN'T five).

Jackie Jura

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