To Orwell Today,

I read the article DEVIL NICKNAMED "OLD HARRY" and I figured i'd email you guys.

So, are you saying that every little boy in the world named HARRY is associated with the devil??????? Just because a "wizard" happens to be named harry, it doesn't mean he's the devil. OR associated with one. In case you haven't read the books, HARRY is the GOOD guy. He's the one FIGHTING against Lord Voldemort (the EVIL guy). Harry is the one who will defeat him!

If you want to say that the Harry Potter Books have something to do with religion, then go ahead, but don't say that Harry Potter, the character, is in any way associated with the devil, other then to stop him from taking over the world. These are good books, fun books, that people of all ages love! If you don't like it, STOP READING IT! you don't have to try to get it banned. Just turn the other cheek, let it go, move on!


Greetings Kay,

No, I'm definitely not saying that every little boy in the world named HARRY is associated with the devil. We innocent human beings have no control over a perfectly good name being used by evil ones in-the-know who have adopted it as one of the pet names for their hero.

As mentioned previously, I personally have not read all of the HARRY POTTER books (just two of them) but even before I'd heard of the satanic controversy surrounding the series, I recognized evil symbolism that I found disturbing - portrayed as it is through the hero Harry who supposedly represents "good".

I realize that most readers - especially the young and naive - don't "read between the lines" and therefore miss much of what is conveyed there to discerning readers who are familiar with literary symbolism.

In the WITCHES, WIZARDS & DEMONS section of my website you can find articles by others - besides myself - who have some serious concerns about the prevalance of books with these themes being targeted at children.

I appreciate your having made the effort to write me with your thoughts on the books. You are showing positive signs of forming a questioning, discerning mind and probably, in your future reading of HARRY POTTER and other books, you will be recognizing some hidden good and evil symbolism.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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