It is not often that Orwell Today gets hate-mail, other than the occasional porn images in text-less emails inviting me to open attachments or "click" to see "hard-core". These go immediately into the trash bin and I don't share these disgusting emails with my readers, seeing as how they contribute nothing to the quest for truth, other than to show what the enemy is up to.

But today I received a hate-email that I have decided to share with readers as an example of the mentality of those from the other side:

To Orwell Today,
re Harry Potter

There are people like you that make me wish i was not human. For as intelligent as the human race CAN be, there are still a lot of waste-of-flesh humans that threw their common sense to the ground and said, "Well I guess I don't need that anymore." It's people like that make me want to believe in voluntary reincarnation and come back as something useful like a disease or a plague.

Joseph McCauslin

My reply:

hey guy, you got your wish. you DID come back as some sort of disease.

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