To Orwell Today
re: Guyana Best Verse

Dear Jackie Jura,

Here is my take on Guyana this trip (from the point of view of a retired Chartered Accountant):


Mid March with Spring officially starting just yesterday, the 21st – Well, we know this could be a truism in some geographical areas of the World but it may certainly be an uncertainty in our home corner, Canada.

Be that as it will, we are wintering in Guyana, a small coastal Republic on the Atlantic shores of South America, just a very few latitude degrees North of the Equator. In actuality, if we could travel a couple of hundred miles South, it would now be the first days of Fall – it doesn't make any difference, first days of spring or first days of summer, winter or fall. Of course, it's a silly speculation in any event as the weather is just great right here 24/365 and there are really no realistic facilities for traveling straight South of here. Straight North is our only alternative and, in fact, this alternative is forcing itself upon us very quickly as the pressures of April in Canada close in upon us – Even with Mr. Harper now having wrenched the powers of Government with an election conducted in our absence, there is no news of a tax elimination budget reaching our ears.

The magnificent weather we enjoy here, eighty degrees day in and day out, refreshing sea breezes to keep the hot sunshine pleasant for exactly twelve hours of each twenty four, the cooling, refreshing rains as required to freshen up the luxurious vegetation, complaints about the natural environment are non existent. Too, taxes are not a topic of daily public concern.

But, there is plenty to cause concern - this is a country mainly of "have nots" and taxes are only a concern of the "haves" – particularly income taxes that are based on incomes which are few and far between in this economic outback – The compulsion to get involved with Income Taxes here is to display to the authorities that there is comfortable living and so a compelling reason to return should they see fit to issue an exit Visa. Most of the population are all in the throes of scheming to emigrate somewhere to flee the day to day dangers looming through lack of safety and security. Crime is rampant, policing much less than adequate, infrastructure barely existent, health and welfare threadbare and all facets of government inherently corrupt .

This is the climate and environment that lends itself to the character building of the less than one million Guyanese that still hang out here – they are sensitive, friendly, unassuming, welcoming, sharing, generous and downright loveable.

Yes, we know our Canadian taxing authority is realistic and compels us home in April – Fortunately, we do have the treasured Maple Leaf Passport to carry us and with us new memories from our winters, usually musical catch tunes of the day - last year "Don’t Want No Dhahl Belly Winding Up on Me", the year before "Rum till I die" and this year "Fluffie Ran Away". Apart from these name titles, there is little of the local language that is interpretable.

SGP, Poet Laureate of Weary Travelers

Greetings SGP,

Oh to be in Guyana, now that April's here (or at least until it's gone).

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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