To Orwell Today,
subject: Mean Gene Poutine the Cretin

Hello, I thought your comment in on Jean C. in FRENCHSPEAK IS NEWSPEAK was apropos.

Not only did his style of English narrow thought, but it was intentionally ambiguous. For example, when he was running against Stockwell Day, Chretien proclaimed, "Never, Never, Never - I am letting dee Alliance disband da healthcare!"

To which a Canadian observer might say, well that made absolutely no sense, in either official language. But it sounds like he really cares. Must be a language barrier. Maybe there is a great policy mind inside there.

Of course you can't hold him to anything because what he has said is so ambiguous no promises were actually made.


Greetings Tom,

Merci for your thoughts about frenchspeak narrowing the range of thought and for making the valid point that it's intentionally ambiguous.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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