To Orwell Today,

Attn: Jackie Jura

I have had an interest going back many years in George Orwell's writings, particularly 1984 which I probably read as a teenager. I discovered your website by accident when I tried to search for "Orwell Society". Although there is a "Students for an Orwellian Society" on the Internet, I believe my question below is best directed to your group as SOS seems to be college oriented groups scattered around the U.S. You seem like a very interesting person as is your website. In which country/state are you located? I have a question for you.

Is your website/forum the closest thing that exists to a George Orwell society? If so, do you have members? If so, is there a way members can contact each other? Since, your forum is apparently not organized by subject nor does it appear to give any contact information for the contributors, could you create a separate link on your website under the subject of members that want to contact each other? I have a question I would like to ask your members. It is not about 1984 per se, but related to it.

If I was eccentric enough to think of myself as being a lot like Winston Smith in more ways than you can imagine and if I was eccentric enough to want to find someone like Julia (or a woman to whom a person like Winston Smith would be of interest whether she was like Julia or not) or a woman who is a fan of George Orwell of whom Winston Smith is a mirror just as I believe several other fictional characters in George Orwell's other books are also mirrors of the author), how would I go about finding such a woman or at least locating someone who sees themselves in that way and is willing to communicate? I ask this question in all seriousness.

If you are interested in creating such a link on your website as I mention above, your members will at least have to give their full first name and an e-mail address.

Thank you,
E. Berns

Greetings E. Berns,

I like the way you say Winston Smith (and several other 'fictional' characters in his other books) is a mirror of George Orwell. That is so true. Reading Orwell's books is like being privy to a conversation with Orwell. His thoughts on everything are revealed there. This becomes amazingly evident when a person reads biographies about him (if they didn't already suspect it through the passion of his prose). See ORWELL SPEAKS THRU MAJOR

As far as an official Orwell Society goes, I do not know of the existence of one, although it could be said that wherever two or more people gather in his name (even on the internet) therein is an Orwell Society.

Many people have requested that I set up a dedicated forum for readers to exchange their Orwell thoughts with each other but I have never been enamoured of the idea. Personally I don't participate in any chats or forums (no time) and so it's not something I would consider doing here. Emails I receive that contribute value to the ongoing discussion about Orwell and all things Orwellian are posted on the website to be read by the world.

I wish you success in meeting a Julia to balance your Winston-like nature. I don't consider you eccentric for thinking you are like Winston because in many ways I feel like Winston myself, and I know millions of other people do too because Orwell transcends all borders, including gender.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - To answer your question about my location, it's Canada.

Jackie Jura
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