To Orwell Today,

The explanation given about how the FED works is nothing short of a fraudulantly contrived arrangement to bilk the citizens of our US out of their hard earned money. And that with the help of public officials both elected and unelected. Any such fraudulant "contract" the FED has with the US govermment to manage the money necessary to fund the economy is actually void ab initio. The so-called 9 trillion dollar debt is unenforceable as a matter of law!

Why doesn't someone or group of persons tell the FED all the assets securing its claim are cancelled? The US government cannot owe the FED money that the FED did not legitimately earn. No quid pro quo! The FED has then lost nothing because there was no consideration given for any of its so-called lending.

What fools we have had for leadership in government except the likes of JFK, Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln and perhaps others. Woodrow Wilson was the biggest fool who signed The SELL-US DOWN-THE-RIVER-ACT, in 1913, at which time he admitted in signing the Federal Reserve Act, that he had ruined the country or some such similiar words.


Greetings Jomac,

You've summarized the Federal Reserve so succinctly that I think it will help alot of people understand how fraudulent it is.

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