To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Fear is prominent everywhere. If it isn't the disasters in south america, or the iraq situation, it's the terrorist fear or the fear of Iran's weaponry, or north korea. It's the fear of one's neighbours, the fear of the yobbish street kids, or the fear of bird flu.

This fear is broadcast constantly on all the media telescreens next to the prolefeed reality tv drivel.

It's only on the internet where truth is alive, but even this is to be controlled in future, first by stopping sites which BIG BROTHER dictates are not suitable for adults to view, just like the loss of decent standards of behaviour thrown aside to fervour greed in the material world and books revised of truth just like the bbc did to 1984.

The fabric of society, the family are gradually broken down by Freedom of the individual to do as they wish with no common thread of community. All of this in the name of Freedom and Democracy. Be careful what you think let alone what you say. The cctv cameras will continue to grow until they're in our homes on the pretence that this will stop crime despite facts to the contrary.

George Orwell knew what was coming.

Raymond Wills

Jackie Jura
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