To Orwell Today,

I was wondering if your site could supply me with a list of publishing dates for Orwell's essay writings. I need to establish a time line of his essay work, that would obviously help immensely.

Thank you so much.


Greetings Kayla,

A website in Newcastle, Australia has The Complete Works of George Orwell on-line. The Essays are listed and linked in alphabetical order, not chronological, but the date each was written is given under the title. From there you can put them into chronological order.

Once you have your time-line complete, it would be appreciated if you would send it to me and I will share it with Orwell Today readers. It will be interesting to see the Essays listed from beginning to end.

I am very familiar with the chronological order of the Novels and where Orwell was and what he was doing when he wrote each one and it will be interesting to be able to also place his Essays into his personal time-line.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


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