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Hi Jackie,

The more one reads Orwell the more one sees his english character.

Orwell wrote at a time in history when to be english was still something to be proud of, to have an english identity and character. Orwell could see a time ahead when this identity would be threatened, eroded and lost in a state of worldlyness, a future where the individualness of the common english man would be lost in the state machine. Orwell loved traditions and the individual's identity of character.

For many years englishness was associated with cricket, the pint of beer, everything stops for a cup of tea, st george, a nation of shop keepers, the habit of queuing up, stiff upper lips, being a gentleman and of course the englishman's home is his castle.

Now as ORWELL foretold, we live in a society where this englishness from the ORWELL days has to a great extent been lost. So it was refreshing to see the english winning the ashes at cricket and the celebrations in the capital though we all know this will now soon be lost in the commercial world of big bussiness advertising and celebrities of our present age reality media world.

Today we have returned again to our queues, this time once again for so called petrol shortages, created by panic media hype. Even our political world is dictated by one-day major events like live8 and the world summits. The powers-to-be spin and weave their meaningless words as usual on the telescreens each day whilst preparing us all for their hype of Identity via cards, to prove we exist as individuals of britain at a price of liberty and control.

Reminds me of the old sixties british tv series The Prisoner - "I am not a number. I AM NOT A NUMBER."

Raymond Wills

PS - Here in the U.K as per usual there's lots of political debate, nationality, culture, integration, racism and britishness etc. This morning there was such a debate on the tv about all these concerns and ORWELL'S name came up prominently and people mentioned THE LION AND THE UNICORN and just how relevant and important this work was. However, I've looked on your OrwellToday site but haven't yet found a reference to it. Are you aware of it and do you have a copy as I would love to read it.

Greetings Raymond,

Yes, Orwell was very much an Englishman and your comments tie in with his essay ENGLAND YOUR ENGLAND from the Lion and the Unicorn which, yes, I have read and which is probably the best description of Englishness a person will likely ever read. Plus it's full of one liners and "adds phrases to the English language" (as Orwell said about Kipling) that are worth making into a list someday.

Orwell wrote THE LION AND THE UNICORN in 1941 when "highly civilized human beings" literally WERE "flying overhead, trying to kill him" but they didn't succeed and England came through the war with its empire gone but its people still strong.

But now "Englishness" is fast becoming nothing but a memory because England and its people - like other western nations and their peoples - is being absorbed into multi-cultural, multi-national entities under a one-world government run by Big Brother.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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