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Greetings Crypto,
re: reader wants safe illegal drugs

There is no "war on drugs" going on, it's a war BY drugs. And the war is on "we the people" by our own governments in cahoots with the powers-that-be. It's being perpetrated in the name of "keeping people safe" and it's as big a lie as the UN war in Afghanistan, which they pretend is to "stop the Taliban" when in reality it's to turn the nation into one big heroin field.

It would take a book to explain to you the history of heroin and how it came to be on the streets of Europe and North America with governments working side-by-side with the Mafia underworld facilitating its use. If you want to take the time and make the effort then I suggest you read the above book and after that you will realize that facilitating heroin use, by handing out "free" needles, is classic Orwellian doublethink.

I've described how I travelled through Afghanistan in the 70s, a few years before it was invaded by the Soviet Union and the subsequent ten-year war. I've also written the poem IN AFGHAN FIELDS which explains how the only thing thriving there now is heroin.

I believe you are sincere in your opinion that giving people the means with which to destroy themselves "healthily" is a good thing to do, but you are misinformed.

I hope, through reading "1984" (and "Brave New World"), you will gain the insight to see through the diabolical machinations of Big Brother and and its Brotherhood in this regard.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - See if you can interpret the following recent news stories into Orwell and Huxley perspective:



Police want heroin injection sites (5,000 users in downtown Vancouver). CBC, Aug 19, 2006

Afghan poppy harvest at record level (cheap heroin for UK streets). Times, Aug 19, 2006


Heroin fields' grim reapers. TheSun, May 23, 2006
...In less than five years, Afghan opium growing — and the manufacture of its main derivative heroin — has increased tenfold...This year, the amount of land cultivated to grow poppies is TWICE as much as 2005 and 50,000 hectares are now being harvested. It is enough opium to make the traffickers £1billion — which they will be desperate to defend...Now, the drug is no longer an illegal side product of Afghanistan’s economy — it IS the economy. With exports worth almost £2.5billion each year, opium now also accounts for more than half of the nation’s gross domestic product and employs an amazing one in eight of its people. Afghanistan already supplies 75 per cent of the world’s heroin and 90 per cent of that used on British streets...

No 10 scientist urges brain pills for all. Sunday Times, Jun 4, 2006
SMART drugs to make people think faster, improve their memory and reduce tiredness will be commonplace within 20 years, according to the government’s chief scientific adviser. Sir David King told ministers at a presentation in Downing Street that a new generation of “recreational psychoactive substances” could be given to healthy people to enhance their lives. He said that brain enhancing chemicals could also “revolutionise” treatment for mental disorders and create new treatments to fight drug addiction. King’s report adds to calls from scientists for the removal of restrictions on “cognitive enhancers” which have been dubbed “cosmetic neurology” or “nip and tuck” for the mind. It also cements King’s reputation as an increasingly influential figure in the government — a civil servant who is unafraid to speak his mind on topics ranging from climate change to drought and drugs...

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