To Orwell Today,

Has anyone shown the link between on the job diversity programs and 1984? If anything spells thought police, this is it. Mandatory ways of speaking, and how to make one change their inborn ideas on morality to suit the corporate world view. Nothing screams more of Orwellian society than when I have to sit through one of these "two minute hates". The only differance is you are not hating a political thought criminal, but your own parents and culture who made you think the way you do.

-Christopher Stiles

Greetings Christopher,

Yes, those on-the-job diversity programs are definitely Orwellian and reek of Thought Police and Two Minutes Hate right out of the pages of "1984". They also permeate, even more so, the education system starting in Nursery School and going up through University where the natural love instinct between man and woman (male and female) is under assault, or in other words, the destruction of our cultural family values. That's why all members of society seem to be 'buying into' the program - ie everyone is being conditioned in their own way , especially, most of all, by television 'programs'.

Thanks for sending along your astute observation.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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