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I just returned from London, England and came across the Diana Memorial Walk while we were at Buckingham Palace.

Diana Walk Plaque

It is quite a long walk but we did manage to do most of it. If you follow the arrows on the plaque it will lead you to the next one and so on. It was a very nice walk so for anyone travelling there they might want to see it. Maybe you can post this on your website.

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PS - Great Website by the way

Greetings Carrie,

Congrats on going to England - I know it's a dream of many people to get there - and thanks a million for the photo of the Princess Diana plaque.

I looked it up on the website to see the route:

The Diana Memorial Walk: London's tribute to the Peopleís Princess (...The Diana Memorial Walk winds its way in a figure-of-eight through four of Londonís Royal parks, linking three palaces and two mansions associated with her life - places Diana knew and loved. Marked by 90 handsome circular plaques set into the walkways, the $1.9 million Walk is seven miles long and has been described in the British press as "one of the most magnificent urban parkland walks in the world"....)

I walked a version of VISITING PRINCESS'S PLACES when I was in England in 2001, and it included some of those sites. But for some reason, I must have never passed by one of the plaques (or if I did, I somehow didn't notice it).

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Jackie Jura

PS - There's a story in this week's news about a fan-club in England unfairly criticising a recently released comic book about Diana - accusing it of being "disgusting". In fact, according to its creator and a review - it's well done and shows no disrespect in any way:

Princess Di comic under attack in UK (only those with half-a-brain hate it). Los Angeles Times, Nov, 13, 2009

Diana Comic 1

I notice, upon seeing the comic's cover, that it's very similar to the cover of a coffee-table book that was published in Canada in 1985 - a copy of which I own. Below are the front and back covers of PRINCESS DIANA by Trevor Hall:

Diana Cover 1 Diana Cover 2

I can't help but conjecture that a compilation of these two photos was the inspiration for the cover of the comic - right down to Diana's pose, and her eyes, and the crown and necklace she's wearing.

I own a copy of the SARAH PALIN comic published by the same company as the PRINCESS DIANA one. It factually and artistically portrayed the highlights of her life.

Palin Comic


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