The enemy within, by silent step,
stole our freedom, while we slept.


To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

I was reading your article ARMING OUR ENEMIES and you mentioned the Western free world. I have come to the conclusion that the very term "the free world" has been a deception to the world all along. You do a time-line as far back as the mid 64-65 BC in Rome and the practice of money lending with the goldsmiths to eventually cause inflation and deflation and a consolidation grab of a nation's economic wealth repeats itself to the very present.

You look at every nation that has tried to make freedom work through some form of constructing a constitutional republic never seems to last or is even given a chance to really take off. I include the United States of America. There are some historians that are under the opinion that the US has not really been a republic at all. Even the likes of Ben Franklin at the Constitutional Convention gave comments about not being sure if we have a republic and if we did, can we keep it.

The struggles of all these nations fighting against the powers that be, namely the money lenders and their installations of central banking systems, always seem to win. Freedom it seems was never given a chance. Every nation has given in to loving Big Brother. Oligarchical Collectivism is indeed a reality.

The entire world has been convinced through repetition that the US is a democracy when in reality it was supposed to be a constitutional republic. They don't teach the difference in government schools and universities. Teachers, media pundits, university professors, writers they all profess that democracy is on the march. Ask any American on the street if he or she knows the difference between a republic and a democracy and the answer is usually vague in nature. In high schools there is always talk of progressive programs and how important the art of collectivism is. There was even a time that the idea of having a class named "social studies" did not exist in schools. It was simply called history. I think the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto is complete in the US. What do you think Jackie?


Greetings Carmen,

In using the term "free Western World" I'm referring to the "new world" in the west (North America and Australasia) to where the oppressed and adventurous from the "old world" (Britain and Europe) came and set up societies based on freedom, justice, prosperity and equality for all. At least that was the theory and in practice it would have been possible if the governments lived up to their constitutions, be they republican or parliamentary democracies, as in the United States and Canada respectively.

To me the word "democracy" (an historical word and concept) means "government of the people, by the people, for the people" (as described by Abraham Lincoln).

Another word for democracy would be "socialism" meaning "of society, by society, for society", with the word "society" meaning "people of a nation".

The people don't want a government of, by and for heads of corporations (Capitalism) or of, by and for heads of government (Communism). They want government for society (Socialism).

If nations of the world were true democracies and truly socialist their peoples would live in freedom, peace, prosperity and justice because that is an innate desire of human beings and therefore governments representing them would be such.

When Benjamin Franklin questioned whether or not the United States really was a republic and if so, could we keep it, he meant was the United States really of, by and for the people and if so, would "the people" do what was required to keep it. By "keeping it" he no doubt meant would the people be vigilent enough and smart enough to recognize a hidden enemy and do what was required to destroy it before it destroyed them.

If the people of our New World had studied history we would have learned how the usurpers (Goldstein's Big Brother) of the Old World had destroyed those previous nations and we would have been on the alert for when the usurpers appeared here. But "we the people" have not been taught history and we have been so inundated with mind-control technology, ie television and movies aka "telescreens", that people have lost the motivation to learn and our ignorance is resulting in our enemy's strength, ie "Ignorance is Strength". See IN NAME OF FREEDOM WE'RE ENSLAVED, ie "Freedom is Slavery".

Orwell's "1984" warning is falling on deaf ears and non-seeing eyes.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - You're right when you say Oligarchical Collectivism is a reality. See CORPORATE COMMUNISM

Jackie Jura
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