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I have a good piece of doublespeak for you, it comes from the hunting industry. They pay huge sums of money to come to countries like South Africa to shoot large animals and they call it conservation. They kill animals in order to save them.

Pretty neat trick I'd say.

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Greetings Claire,

Yes, killing to save is very Orwellian.

They're doing the same thing here in Canada with trees. All over the towns and cities they are cutting down trees to protect them from being burned during a future fire or being infested with bugs that might attack them.

It's a fire prevention program called "interface". They're literally clearcutting neighbourhoods and leaving houses exposed for all to see and without shade or noise barriers.

Trees are seen as "fuel" and if any "fuel" is near a house it's a fire hazard and the insurance corporations have told the government they want them removed from private property next.

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Jackie Jura

PS - Also, here in Canada we kill healthy animals to see if they're sick: PREVENTIVE KILLING

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